Сергей Шнуров скучает по супруге после известия о разводе The musician presented a new song, in which he spoke about his emotions. The song is called “Think”, and it has lines which, as stated, the fans of Sergey Shnurov, dedicated to his wife.
Сергей Шнуров скучает по супруге после известия о разводе

Last Friday Sergey Shnurov announced the divorce with his wife Matilda. Later, answering questions from followers, the leader of group “Leningrad” admitted that he cheated on his wife. Apparently, the actor is going through hard break with his wife. In turn, Matilda urged everyone not to hurt Sergei, as it is fragile. However, most users networks are of the opinion that Cord’s lost happiness.

In a new post Sergey has announced the release of the song “Think.” The lyrics, written with the characteristic of the leader of the team irony, you notice how the author misses a loved one.

The circus went on tour,

I Pierrot and harlequin,

Such has become my role.

It’s funny, you count.

And the people shout,

Tears flow in streams,

The eyes of the girls,

But I miss you.

Think… think of you.

And will not put my Duma.

Fans staged a flash mob on the page Shnurov. They leave comments with the hashtag #miresmaeili. Many netizens indifferent to this situation and try to give advice.

“If you love, give it back! Understand if right now, your really back! Step on the throat of pride and give back! If there are doubts, forget it! Expunge, clear heart”, “Hold on. One way out. It only needs to live and survive. Sorry”, “This is your drama breaks my heart, as if its not enough. But we must pay tribute, broke up you beautiful”, “Bright and clean feeling! Love, heartache, let it be corrected,” wrote in the comments to the post Sergei.

Recall that the Cords are always very touching talking about his wife. The musician admitted that with her appearance his life changed dramatically: he became less abuse of alcohol and tried to stay close to Matilda.

“It hurts me very much”: Cord and Matilda divorced

“For me, in love everything is allowed, it can overcome any obstacles. If not, then it wasn’t. I, for one, adore their kids, wife – generally a separate issue. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, due to my constant travel, but remain always connected,” said artist “StarHit”.