Павел Деревянко устроил феерическую вечеринку по случаю 40-летия
The actor celebrated his birthday with a big delay.

Pavel Derevyanko the guests of the evening

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Party Pavel Derevyanko will be long remembered by the invited guests. Interestingly, his birthday was back in July, but work to celebrate was only the other day. In honor of its 40th anniversary, the actor organized the celebration, which his friends called “the diamond among the parties.” The truth is, the holiday really was a success. The theme of the evening was “cosmos”, and the birthday boy appeared in front of guests in the way Roni Kind from the cult movie “the Fifth element”.

About last night… the Endorphins go?space #hornickle @nadiamixalkova end @kkomolova #hbdaypablo #wypierdalaj #cosmicparty

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To congratulate a friend and favorite actor gathered a large number of stars of domestic show-business. Among those present were noted Marusya Zykova, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Maria Kravtsova and others. Many of them supported the theme of the party, however, to overshadow the main hero of the evening, not managed to anyone. And what to say, Derevyanko is so accustomed to his role that by the end of the evening many of the guests looked around in search of Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich.

Incidentally, not long ago, Paul came out with his new girlfriend. The actor appeared at a social event with a mysterious brunette that dearly held hand throughout the evening. However, had their appearance together for some romantic sequel to hard to say. The photos from the party Derevyanko posed without a companion. By the way, last autumn it became known that Paul was reunited with his former lover. Following this news, Derevyanko admitted that he became a father for the second time. Daria Myasishchev gave him two daughters — Sasha and Varya.

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