Умер всеми любимый ветеран «Звездных войн»
Hollywood is mourning the actor who played irresistible droid R2-D2.

Kenny Baker

and producer George Lucas, Creator of the cult movie series “Star wars,” admitted
upon learning of the death of his friend, actor Kenny Baker: “R2-D2 would not be a “Star wars”, and it is
Kenny, of the death we all mourn, made him as loved him
the audience of the entire planet…”

who starred in six episodes of the franchise, and Lucas was a counselor at last today the film
released last year, was successfully managed with an incredibly
a difficult task. Inside the iron body of your character-droid, he
managed to make it out alive and charming. Without him the hero of “Star wars” and
the truth would lose part of its charm…

Kenny was, as we now say, “little man”, that is
a midget whose height barely reached 1 meter 12 centimeters, he has left a
track in the movie. “His height makes sense to measure not from the heels from the top, from the top
to heaven. He was a brilliant man and actor!” said Director Guillermo Del Toro, Creator of the trilogy “the Hobbit”.

born in Birmingham (UK) in 1934, once dreamed of becoming an engraver
like his father. But one day when he was walking down the street, he was approached by a woman,
offered to join a theatrical troupe of dwarves and midgets. After
this Baker had a short time to work in the circus and then, having mastered the skates, be
artist ice ballet. He later organized his own
a Comedy show on the stage, where it is 1976 and
saw George Lucas, who invited Baker in his film.

In addition to R2-D2, Kenny played in “Star wars”
another role of alien, Ewok, like a Teddy bear, which
steal a flying motorcycle soldier of the Empire. In addition, bacon has starred in other
films — “Man-elephant”, “Amadeus”, “the Maze”, “the Chronicles of Narinia”, where
he played one of the dwarves…

life Kenny also turned out well: he was married to actress Eileen Baker, such
well tiny as he is. The couple raised two children that did not inherit
dwarfism his parents. At the time of his death, Kenny was
also seven grandchildren.

died in less than two weeks before his 82 birthday. The cause of his death
was the lung disease from which he suffered for many years.

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