Дочь жены Стаса Михайлова спела дуэтом с Энрике Иглесиасом During the concert the singer gave the MIC to the beautiful eve. Fans of the family Mikhailov believe that Enrique Iglesias just fascinated by the incredible beauty of the girl. Videos featuring eve has made an indelible impression on Internet users.

      The eldest daughter is the wife of the famous singer Stas Mikhailov Inna the beautiful Eva made a splash on the concert of Enrique Iglesias in a club Monaco. Videos featuring eve, singing a duet with a popular singer, has appeared on the Internet and promises to become his new hit single.

      The girl at some point came to the scene to take a picture on the background of your favorite artist. But suddenly eve Enrique Iglesias approached her and handed her the microphone. Singing a couple of sentences, eve tried to return the microphone to Enrique, but he first sang to her, and then took it in his hands. Iglesias is clearly not wanted Belle was gone, he pulled eve to him and gently kissed her forehead to rapturous applause. 17-year-old daughter Inna Mikhailova was incredibly happy and at the same time embarrassed by this unexpected act of Enrique Iglesias. Fans of star family are unanimous: the singer with the world fascinated by the beauty of eve, and surely he was ready to join the ranks of her fans.

      “In that moment, when he kissed you gently on the forehead, he really dug you,” “Oh, he saw you. You would be great together”, “Great! As he lovingly looks and doesn’t seem to let go of eve,” “eve, Enrique is so lucky!”, “Beauty, what to say. Kournikova should think”, “Want again and again to revisit this wonderful video! Evie, you’re as beautiful as mom and happiness to you the real! Very happy for you” – expressed in comments to the video subscribers of the microblogging Eva and Stas Mikhailov.

      Apparently, the famous singer also attended this concert and was sincerely happy for the daughter of his beloved wife Inna. You know that Stas Mikhailov great relationship with children Inna from his first marriage – son Andrew and daughter Eva. The star spouses older two joint heiress – Joanna and Maria. Mihaylov takes a heartwarming congratulations from friends and colleagues

      Fans have repeatedly noted that Stas and Inna perfect family. As told Mikhailov in an interview with “StarHit”, for him love is that feeling you get when you give more than you take. Moreover, in building relationships with his wife, he is a good example – parents who lived together for 55 years.


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