Павел Артемьев подвергся травле после «Фабрики звезд» The musician will share his story in the new edition of “One day”. Pavel Artemyev openly talk about what happened during his everyday life in the project “Factory of stars”, as well as great popularity, suddenly fallen on him.

35-year-old Pavel Artemyev became the hero of the new issue of TV magazine Sergey Mayorov “One day” which will show on Saturday, March 3, in the NTV. Today, the singer performs with his band “ARTEMIEV”. The musician woke up famous after casting in the first “Factory of stars”. During the project Paul became a member of the group “Roots”. Artemyev fans still remember his song “Understand”, sung together with Irina Tonewall.

After 16 years participating in the shows Paul extremely reluctant to talk about those times. Once the contractor and even admitted that “fed up” with discussions of “American idol”. However, for the project of Sergey Mayorov Artemiev made an exception. The actor has frankly told about what was faced after left the set.

“We were forbidden to access the Internet, the TV we had. We knew nothing, we had no feedback and we don’t understand what is happening – said Artemyev in the program. – And then when you came, and you all fell is, of course… You go in there one person, and when you go out, you seem to be the same, but you are treated very differently – pointing on the streets, everyone tries to mimic your Burr, or something”.

The guys from the band “the Roots” became the winner of “Factory of stars”. After the project came to an end, Artemyev and the other guys went on tour around the country. “You go, sing songs, sleep, if you’re lucky, and go next”, says the musician about how he has toured in Russia.

In 2010, Artemyev and Astashenok on their own left the popular band. Paul created a group called “ARTEMIEV”. The musician regularly gives concerts and produces music videos, as well as in films and on stage of the theatre artist can be seen in “Practice”. However, the General public Artemyev is still associated with “idol.” Some even believe that Paul seemed to have gone after leaving the “Roots”.

“Now, less know, and it’s much more comfortable. I can drive in the cap by public transport, and particularly from this, – said the musician. – The cab is not as easy because the driver is required to know. Any taxi driver thinks that all people from the TV be sure to know each other”.

According to Artemyev, the drivers often ask him about his personal life and orientation colleagues in show business. However, Paul refuses to support a conversation on such topics. “I do not care,” – said the artist.