Элла Суханова и Игорь Трегубенко официально расторгли брак Eks-participants “Houses-2” divorced. According to Ella, she had the wisdom not to make the problems between them in public. They have kept friendly relations. Igor added that it is not necessary to blame in this situation.

Some time ago the reality star Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko told the fans that leave. The couple married in 2016, realized that they were not destined to live life together. According to Ella, they tried to leave without scandals and accusations against each other. Fortunately, they were separating in the other ZAGS, so vivid memories from the wedding was not spoiled by this procedure.

“That’s all. Over our history as husband and wife. The number 27 is very symbolic happened. I am grateful for all that has been, first and foremost, that we’re left with people in such a difficult period and did not allow each other to sink to the level of insults and gossip. This is direct evidence that we had a real family. Now we each have our own road ahead,” wrote Sukhanov in the microblog.

Igor chose to comment on the breakup with his wife, laying out an excerpt of the poem Eduard Asadov. “What, why, why? the answers to these questions will remain between us and do not look for blame, and the more unflattering to speak against anyone. It was our choice and our decision. Unfortunately, we’ve already go two different roads,” the man explained.

Over a long period of time Ella and Igor did not spread combines footage, so fans have long begun to ask them about the relationship. Sukhanov’s going through a breakup and admits that they had a difficult situation.

“We don’t want subscribers, seeing someone in the new company, sent a photo or video to someone from the us. Want to give the opportunity to live without further problems. It was difficult to maintain friendly relations, I wanted to accuse him of all sins, but it’s not… We’re both to blame, and I understood. So yesterday we quite calmly and without claims held by the divorce process. But it’s really hard and disgusting,” said the ex-participant of “House-2”.

By the way, Sukhanov has not yet said whether to change the name. As reported Dom2life, certificate of dissolution of marriage she bore the name of her husband.