Андрей Данилко разругался с сестрой после похищения ребенка The artist explained why for several years now does not communicate with a close relative of Galina. According to Andrey Danilko has some mental problems. Once Galina has written at his brother’s statement to the police, suspecting him of criminal acts.

Andrey Danilko, known under the pseudonym of Verka Serduchka, told reporters about his conflict with his sister. The actor admitted that does not support communication with Galina. As it turned out, a few years ago there was an unpleasant incident, passarelli relatives.

When my nephew Andrew was 12, he became seriously ill. Danilko decided to help the boy, so he insisted on his hospitalization. Sister of a star who had lost her son, appealed to law enforcement agencies.

“My sister and I always had a good relationship, but at some point there was overrun. Then I felt my nephew Vani some kind of health problem. And because the Gal people are not balanced and immediately starts a scandal, I gave up and put him in the hospital for examination. But she did not say which hospital, so she didn’t hurt van, – said Andrey in interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine”. – When I was in the Studio, behind me came the police. They recognized me, they say: “Andrew, we received a statement from your sister – you stole the baby to take it to the authorities.”

After Danilko has ceased to maintain a relationship with my sister. Now Ivan is an adult and lives with his fiancee in the apartment, which Andrew acquired him in Poltava. In addition, the artist has a niece Anne, soon she will become mother for the second time. Showman helps the girl.

In the future, Andrew and myself would like to be a father. When that happens, he doesn’t know yet. Yes, and the artist feels that he is not ready for such responsibility.

“I have not yet met someone with whom you can build a family and I have no such desire. This is a very big responsibility. I don’t like to be babied. I think about it. That doesn’t just happen. It must be the same. It’s not a TV to buy, or nothing …” – said Danilko.

Andrey friends try to support him. It is known that celebrity a great relationship with Inna Belokon, playing the mother of Verka Serduchka. The actress often comes to Danilko and helps him on the farm. “I have a mess at home, I don’t know how she does it: for three seconds, it’s clean, here removed”, – said the showman.

Earlier in an interview with the mother of Andrei Danilko said that his sister Galina suffers from mental health problems. According to the mother of the artist, that has developed a persecution complex. According to some, at Galina also had panic attacks.