Альбина Джанабаева высказалась о бывших коллегах по «ВИА Гре» Fans are often called “Golden” composition of the group Brezhnev, Sedokova and Granovsky. Dzhanabaeva them do not consider, although she stayed in the team for almost 10 years. Many fans still believe that she took someone else’s place.
Альбина Джанабаева высказалась о бывших коллегах по «ВИА Гре»

The Studio program “True stories” by Elena North Albina for the first time shared how she had to defend your place in “VIA GRE”. The singer told that the audience accepted her immediately, most fans are accustomed to other “redhead” soloist.

“Hard for me to give to the band… I’ve already changed the Light quinoa, but the audience still remembered and loved Anya. Well, if fans think that gold membership is Faith, Anya and Nadia, I respect that. Of course, in two years they have done a great job, made a breakthrough… I came later and was there for 9 years. With me was another part, gold, not Golden, just different. I brought a lot to the team,” – said the singer.

Dzhanabaeva added that today at concerts sings songs of “VIA gra”. Konstantin Meladze was allowed to use her old repertoire. “We spoke with Bones, he doesn’t mind. I chose only those compositions that sang itself,” – said the artist.

Albina also said that at the beginning of career not thought about fame, but simply was looking for work. “Received an offer from Valera to the place of a backing vocalist. I came to the Studio to sing, I adopted. He gave the material I had learned of the party. After rolling on the tour with his team, where only has not visited. It was, of course, very hard, tough schedule. Normal sleep even,” admitted dzhanabaeva.

After the tour, Valery extended the contract with the albino. For several years, she took a familiar place behind the microphone behind his back. When she became pregnant, she had to leave the stage. But the producers of “VIA gra” decided to invite the artist to the group in place of the soloist. The singer refused, what then regretted.

“This pause was given to me very difficult. I chose to have a baby, are unable to shake him off. Worried, but I decided and all… it took 4 months, apparently, the producers thought again. And again suggested to call again, and I immediately agreed,” said the singer.