Pavel Artemyev fed up with talking about the “star Factory”

Павел Артемьев сыт по горло разговорами о «Фабрике звезд» A former project participant believes that the memories of this show anyone interested. According to Artemyev, he doesn’t like such questions in an interview. At the moment, Paul creates music that is different from the repertoire of the group “Roots”.
Павел Артемьев сыт по горло разговорами о «Фабрике звезд»

Ex-participant of the TV project “star Factory” Pavel Artemiev is a member of the group ARTEMIEV, as well as engaged in charitable activities. According to the musician, his work fundamentally differs from those of songs which were performed by the Roots. The young man was part of boyzbenda from 2002 to 2010, and also acted as a composer.

In many interviews Artemyev asked about his stay on “idol.” Paul claims not to tolerate such questions.

“This topic has been specifically got me. I understand that I can’t go, she will follow me on the circuit as the load, for which I must apologize for the rest of my life. But this topic is pretty worn out. Already managed to grow the people who once looked “Factory”, and I don’t understand how it can be fun today,” Artemyev said.

The contractor believes that creates music for other people: smart, educated, interested in different genres. According to Paul, is much more important to enjoy work than to conquer millions of listeners. Former “manufacturer” otherwise looks for the modern stage and of the representatives of show business.

“I understand that I’m sick of this, and I can’t watch the Christmas lights – it’s all horrible, just beyond vulgarity. But when you have a company of adult actors, in this cool and comfortable, they nothing will change. Someday they will retire, and then – silence. Or rather, on what will happen. Because it depends on the request of the audience, and I hope that he will gradually form. The youth of today listens to different music, they are massively listen to hip hop, but the fashion for hip-hop, too, will pass. Everything passes, and you just quietly do his thing and wait their turn, probably,” – said Pasha.

In addition to musical activities Artemiev tries to take an active part in the work of the Fund of struggle against leukemia, which is engaged in adults. “But our psychology is so arranged that the children we help often and with great enthusiasm. Of course, children should definitely help, with it nobody argues! But you think that an adult, too, have a family with small children who will be left without a mom or dad. People sell apartments people become beggars, to recover from leukemia. I’m glad your audience to talk about it, so that they too wanted to help,” shared the artist, answering questions of the portal users The Question.