He left and never came back: the brightest authors of television shows taken off the air

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира Against the background of recent high-profile events on national TV channels “StarHit” turned to the history of Russian TV to remember the most resonant and iconic transfer past years. At one time they made a splash, but for some reason closed.
Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

The beginning of the new TV season was marked by several high-profile events that provoked heated discussions in social networks. On television there have been major changes associated with the change of persons and the closure of iconic programs. So, Andrey Malakhov has decided to take a break in work and “Let them talk” is now out with Dmitry Borisov, Alexander Oleshko has left on NTV and Yulia Menshova reported the completion of “Alone with all”. One high-profile event of August was the failure of the First channel from “While all the houses” held with the scandal.

Media reported about the closure of the program “While all houses”

It is possible that the TV starts another era, stronger than the spirit of the time. Television history is littered with closures of popular projects, which at the time made a lot of noise. “StarHit” recalled the most striking of them, has its own unique personality and style. Each of these are etched in the hearts of the viewers and their completion marked the completion of a certain stage.

“Talk show” with Leonid Zakoshansky

In April, NTV officially announced the closure of the talk show “Talk show”, referring to the change in channel strategy, “aimed at reducing aggressive and provocative content.” The transfer really was very scandalous and controversial, but for six years she formed a certain circle of admirers, who believed that they raise the social issues. Rape, murder, erotic video, sex change, conflicts in the family celebrity editions of the programme, few people could be indifferent.

For the Leonid Zakoshansky do not worry – not so long ago he got married and celebrated the appearance of the son. And soon on NTV needs to get a new project involving men. In addition, the entertainer remains as the author and presenter of “the same people”.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”

In April 2005, Anfisa Chekhova first aired TNT in erotic show for adults. Subsequently, this transfer is not afraid to raise the topics, which previously chose to remain silent, made leadership one of the main entities of the Russian TV the middle zero. Millions of men have been fans of the program with participation of charming brunette with luxury forms and wanted to see it in real life. However, for the most celebrity success has resulted in problems in relations with loved ones – her father, Alexander Korchunov, who left the family when daughter was four years old, publicly denounced the open, in his opinion, the behavior of the successor.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Stories in details” with Sergey Mayorov

Four TEFI in the category “Information and entertainment”, about seven years of broadcasting and more than two thousand editions is the brainchild of Sergey Mayorov was able to leave a trace in history of Russian television. Glossy transfer of the long-lived, at the time, the former calling card of the channel was closed due to allegedly low ratings. Not helped by the prestigious awards that the show has generously awarded by authoritative experts.

In turn, majors claimed that he had serious disagreements with the leadership of STS. Later, the project tried to resuscitate, but not too well – from October to December 2011 on the same channel out “Part. The recent history of” leading with Love Camarinas.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“My family” Valery Komissarov

One of the most popular projects on Russian TV exploited the interest of inhabitants to life. In the home atmosphere Valery Komissarov helped the heroes of transmission to solve problems in relations with close people. First in the family talk show came out about a year on the first key, and then moved to RTR. There it was shown for five years.

Constant and one of the most discussed themes of the program was “the Mask of revelations”, when a famous person was interviewed incognito. By the way, it spawned a number of memes and groups in social networks, in which it was proposed to discuss “scary and surreal” black-and-white patch on the face.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Without complexes” Lolita

The first issue of talk show, where the singer Lolita Milyavskaya raised topics of interest to millions of Russian women, was aired in August 2005. In the two years of the project, the singer has made a real revolution on Russian TV. The star was not afraid to talk openly with their heroes and discuss the most difficult topics concerning family relations.

Resonance program, for which she received the award TEFI, closed in 2007 at the initiative of the stars. The singer said she was still working as a leading. Being a perfectionist by nature, the artist admitted that he missed all of the stories and delve into the essence of each of them. As a result, the IBA experienced real stress and at some point broke even.

“Dr. Joyce brothers here” with Andrew Kurpatovym

The son of the chief psychotherapist of Saint-Petersburg Vladimir Joyce brothers here helped the characters solve the problems, so they feel happy. To show the specialist did not discuss the scandals and not satisfied with the investigation, and trying to change other people’s lives for the better. The author’s program of Andrey Joyce brothers here, the former one of a kind, first appeared on “Home” and then on the First channel. In the Wake of the success of the project bookstores filled with works of the expert who has sold out the loyal fans of the transmission. The total circulation of the works of Joyce brothers here – more than five million copies.

After the psychologist disappeared from the ether for many years he headed the largest in the Russian market the company for the production of media content “Red square”. Now Joyce brothers here away from TV and prefer to concentrate on the business he founded intellectual cluster “mind Games”, located in the cultural capital.

“The view”

The premiere of the program of the First channel of the CG of the USSR “the View” was held in October 1987. This project opened a lot of new names, and changed the idea of what should be television projects. In gear, looked out on Fridays late in the evening, in an informal setting to discuss relevant and important topics. In the first releases among the leading was Vladislav Listyev, Alexander Lyubimov, Alexander Politkovsky, Artem Borovik, and many others.

In the 90s, “View” was the analytical talk show, and then repeatedly subjected to rebranding. At various times it was attended by Konstantin Ernst, Alexander Maslyakov, Dmitry Dibrov, Sergey Bodrov, Vasily Utkin and Chulpan Khamatova. The final point in the existence of the program set in 2001.

“Muzoboz” with Ivan Demidov

Long before began broadcasting channel “MTV Russia” Ivan Demidov came up with the program “Muzoboz”. First she came out as part of the “Look” and consisted of a short music box with fragments of performances of the stars. Its success contributed to the further development of the project, dedicated to news of show business. All budding artists wanted to get into gear so they finally noticed.

In 1996 “Muzoboz” changed the concept and has turned into a chat show. In the broadcast Studio invited guests, who communicated with the leading Leroy Kudryavtseva and Otar Kushanashvili. Many loyal fans of the program turned away from her, demanding the return of the previous format. A year later the TV show has left on ORT, TV-6. Later “Muzoboz” has undergone a rebranding, but the former glory was not to return.

“The best” with Tina Kandelaki

Game on learning for smart school students, represents the adaptation of the TV show Britain’s has the brainiest Kid, aired STS for nine years. Many teenagers were looking forward to the start of the program to test your knowledge in different areas. After the closure of the transfer involving a “change in fiscal policy channel”, leading Tina Kandelaki explained in detail in my LJ what was going on.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира“The children had to go to school and end up being my audience since the first broadcast. The project received two awards TEFI: in 2004 in the category “Children’s program” in 2009 as the best TV game. The audience share of “Very smart”, for example, on December 9 at 15.7%, the highest result among other gear STS this day. (…) The closure of the program does not seem to me something out of the ordinary: just everything flows, everything changes, including the essential policy of the CTC,” said star.
Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Galileo” by Alexander Pushnoy

Another popular with the students entertaining and educational project STS was aired with Alexander Pushnoy. The Russian equivalent of the same name by German transmission stably attracted to the screen inquisitive younger generation. In an interview, the presenter said that the objective of the project is to explain how the world is arranged. Sometimes on the set even broadcasters. Scientific experiments that put Fur and his colleagues could lead to unexpected consequences. So, once Alexander got a second-degree burn.

“Wordsmiths” with Ilya Legostaev

One of the most controversial projects of the 90s, in which celebrities answered tricky questions of young journalists, was coined by the author of “Muzoboz” Ivan Demidov. The permanent leading program that lasted three years, was listed Ilya Legostaev. Among the participants of the program, deliberately created conflict of the same function in the Studio was Otar Kushanashvili, Sergei Neighbors, and earnest Business. With the influence of “Shark pen” on Russian television is difficult to argue – a domestic show inherited the provocative nature of the source.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Money does not smell” Roman Trachtenberg

In February 2003 MUZ-TV show a new project “Money does not smell”, which instantly branded as an immoral and cynical. A year later, TNT will present “the House-2”, and moralists will find a new target for ridicule. Presenter Roman Trahtenberg very negative comments about the show, which was considered the author, and sharply criticized its members, ready to pass any tests for profit. While the flamboyant showman did not hide that he works solely for the paycheck.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира“Program “Money does not smell” frankly moronic. Initially it was calculated for adolescents 12-15 years, but suddenly became popular and those who are older. Everyone involved in this show, sick, unscrupulous people, said Trachtenberg. For example, once in the finals I said to the guy party: “Now we will bring the log and the nail will nail your hand to a log and then 300 bucks is yours.” He says, “Come on!” Sick. The whole generation is sick, for sure.”
Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“The other day” Leonid Parfenov

The author’s program of Leonid Parfyonov became an important part of the history of Russian TV. First, “recently” was “non-political news” for the second button, and then the journalist decided to release a “documentary series” in the NTV. Each issue focuses on one year in the life of the country.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира“Events, people, and events that shaped the way of life, something without which we can not imagine and even harder to understand” – these words Parfenov began issuing reports on 1961.

Viewers attracted to “brand” the irony Leonid gennadevicha, and his intellectual image. The TV reporter, standing against the background of archival shelving, resembled a University teacher. At the end of the 90s TV star has created a Studio to produce films based on real events. Now Parfenov continues to produce documentary films, each of which is popular among connoisseurs.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Women’s vision” Oksana Pushkina

Oksana Pushkin was represented by portraits of famous people – athletes, politicians, art workers and show-business. For the fourteen years that the program was aired, viewers learned more about Alsu, Ramzan Kadyrov, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Michael Shufutinskiy, Sofia Rotaru, Cristina Aguilera, Angelica Varum, Oksana Fedorova, wringing, Lara Fabian and many others. Pushkina managed to get even the most difficult and uncommunicative characters that suddenly have a whole new perspective.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“600 seconds” with Alexander Nevzorov

The famous writer and journalist was one of the originators of the modern Russian television. His program “600 seconds”, which was published on channel five, told the audience about the most important events of the day with the author’s comment. The Nevzorov was not afraid to touch on the loud and controversial topic about which the Soviet Union chose not to speak. The ratings of the transmission, which has become a symbol of the era of Perestroika, was consistently high, and it was considered one of the competitors the “Look”.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“Hour of court” with Pavel Astakhov

The first court show on Russian television went live eight years. During this time, leading Pavel Astakhov has reviewed thousands of cases, based on real events. Audience interest in transfer remained stable – the program has formed its audience, which watched with interest the processes and the debates of different parties. The authors of the project sought to eliminate the legal illiteracy of the population and, it seems, they succeeded. The success of the “Hour of judgment” has provoked the emergence of similar programs on adjacent channels.

Ушли и не вернулись: самые яркие авторские телешоу, которые сняли с эфира

“The blonde in chocolate” with Ksenia Sobchak

In the zero Ksenia Sobchak associated with glamorous parties and private parties. Star diligently fueled interest in the person – produced books with provocative titles, willingly recorded the songs together with Timothy and looked at the events with the oligarchs. “And who doesn’t love me – you’re just jealous of me!” – this phrase Sobchak from the hit “In the club” permanently etched in everyone memory. On the wave of popularity of Xenia MUZ-TV launches “the Blonde in chocolate” – a show about how to actually live a socialite whom everyone called Russian Paris Hilton.

“The blonde in chocolate” — it was a beautiful art project, trash, banter, which many took at face value. But I’m glad many people have realized that this banter over consumer lifestyle, alcoholism, senseless”, — said Sobchak in an interview.

Now she has moved away from its controversial image and became an exemplary wife and mother. The TV presenter and her husband Maxim Vitorgan raising the total son of Plato. Star parents loved the charming baby. Maxim Vitorgan quarreled with the mother-in-law of son

In preparing the article used materials Baikal-info.ru and “Newspapers.ru”.