Paulina Andreeva suspected pregnancy

Паулину Андрееву заподозрили в беременности On the eve of the premiere of “Selfie”, taken by the novel of Sergey Minaev. Darling Fyodor Bondarchuk appeared at the event in the bulky outfit that caused a lot of talk about its interesting position.
Паулину Андрееву заподозрили в беременности

All the elite gathered on Thursday in one of the capital’s cinemas. Director Nikolai Khomeriki presented a picture of “Selfie”, shot on the eponymous composition by Sergei Minaev. The main role in the film played by Konstantin Khabensky. In the story, a popular writer Vladimir Bogdanova appeared double. He steals the life and family of the writer.

The role of each hero Habensky max’s starred by Fyodor Bondarchuk. He also acted as producer of “Selfie”. It is noteworthy that max auditioned four of the artist. Fifth, the “surprise” candidate and became Fyodor Bondarchuk. They say that his photo producer Petr Anurov and Director Nikolay Khomeriki was put in the pile for consideration at the last moment.

Bondarchuk appeared on the red carpet with his beloved Paulina Andreeva. Attention photographers were attracted to their pair. The choice of the Director wore a loose black dress which hid her figure. Many of the guests of the premiere suggested that Paulina was pregnant, as she usually prefers outfits another cut.

“She’s pregnant?”, “They have something similar! Good luck! An addition soon”, “well Done, if you’re expecting a baby! Beautiful, talented, wealthy people, and let them give birth to children!” – discussed the appearance of Paulina in the premiere of the social network users.

Keira Knightley appeared at the premiere with a colleague at the picture Anna Mikhalkova. Star told reporters that they were comfortable working together. The actress played the role of the former wife of the writer Bogdanov. On the red carpet of the eldest daughter of Nikita appeared in a black dress decorated with lace.

Sergei Minayev timing couldn’t be better date: yesterday he celebrated his birthday. Meroprity he came in the company of his beloved wife. Other guests of the screening were Oksana Akinshina, TV presenter Alexander Gordon and his young wife, Artem and Nadezhda Mikhalkov and many others.

During the presentation of the film everyone who worked on it, came on the scene. Konstantin Habensky described the painting as follows.

“The film is light, looks at one go. Vlad opelyants magic, Nikolai Khomeriki knows his stuff, the team is acting not to be ashamed, all good viewing!” – said the actor before the start of the drama.

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