On the cover of Vanity Fair, Oprah Winfrey has added a third arm, and Reese Witherspoon third leg

На обложке Vanity Fair у Опры Уинфри появилась третья рука, а у Риз Уизерспун третья нога

On the eve of the ceremony “Oscar” Vanity Fair magazine has released its annual, the cover of which was decorated with 12 of the brightest and most popular stars of cinema and show business: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain and other celebrities. The author of the shooting, Annie Leibovitz, did not notice the presence of a third hand Oprah Winfrey and third legs Reese Witherspoon introduced the cover photo, which caused a lot of comments in social networks.

На обложке Vanity Fair у Опры Уинфри появилась третья рука, а у Риз Уизерспун третья нога

This is not the only incident that occurred during the processing of the photos. “I don’t care what Reese is sitting on Oprah on my knees, but I wondered how she got a third leg?”says one of the wearer of the network.

“I think now everyone knows that I have three legs. I hope you’ll accept me for who I am. And I will never apologize for hugging Oprah. If you will have the opportunity to do the same, I highly recommend that,” with humor responded to comments she Reese Witherspoon, which found a third leg.

“I accept you with your three legs. And I know you accept me with my three hands,” replied Winfrey.

Not only three hands, Winfrey became an occasion for discussion, but her speech at the recent awarding ceremony “Golden globe”. TV presenter and actress Oprah Winfrey has received the award Cecil B. DeMille, in honor of what uttered a solemn speech. She deeply touched the guests of the ceremony and all who saw her.

Oprah did not devote much time to the thanks, and told about a black woman of Resi Taylor, who died 10 days ago. In 1944, she was kidnapped and raped by white men. Criminals threatened with death if she told the police. The woman has conquered fear and told all law enforcement agencies, but such a step did not lead to their detention and the perpetrators have not been brought to justice. According to Oprah, in the age of Jim crow there was no justice.

“She lived in conditions when the world was ruled by mighty men. Very long time women are not believed when they dared to tell the whole truth about men. But that time is over,” joy says Oprah.

“Today I want to Express my gratitude to the women who endured years of abuse and humiliation because they, like my mother had to feed the kids and pay the bills. The names of these women we will never know. This is a simple Housewives, waitresses, engineers, doctors and research workers. They are part of the world of business and politics,” says the actress.

Oprah says in his speech that the problem of sexual violence and gender inequality not only affects the entertainment industry and show business, all spheres, of all professions and social strata. As a leading and personal mentor, she interacted with many women who have experienced violence and sexual harassment, and noted that they all believe in a brighter future.

“I want all the girls knew that on the horizon of a new day. And the dawn will come only thanks to the incredible and strong women who are now in the hall. And to the men fighting for the fact that these women were leaders and did everything that nobody said “I, too, had been sexually assaulted,” says Winfrey.

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