TV presenter Olga Ushakova waiting for third child

Телеведущая Ольга Ушакова ждет третьего ребенка Celebrity reported pregnant. Have Ushakova already growing two daughters. As recognized Olga, the children were glad that soon they will have a brother or a sister. The addition to their family will occur in April.

Host of “Good morning” on the First channel Olga Ushakova is preparing to become a mother for the third time. A few months ago, she married restaurateur Adam. The couple were married in Cyprus. Male friends with daughters Ushakova. The girls know that they will soon be another family member at the end of October, on Halloween. Ushakov concealed from the public the news to the last.

“Girls want a sister. Junior even offered to paint the room in pink, buy pink things to make sure the girl was born. We decided for ourselves what gender we don’t want to know. Our doctor has the envelope with the ultrasound results, but we have not yet opened”, – said Olga.

Today leading informed subscribers that out in the decree. “Even appear in the television station, I think, but in General it’s time to call it a day! Haha, it sounded ambiguous. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and will miss the meeting in the air”, – the woman noted.

Ushakov said that the news of her pregnancy colleagues were perceived positively, all congratulated her and asked how she was feeling, and tried to protect her.

As recalled Ushakov, during the first pregnancy, she worked until the seventh month, as she didn’t have to move a lot. The child will be born in late April. “Baby, as I will be in the sign Aries born in year of the Dog, and that means I finally have someone to talk to,” said Olga.

According to Ushakova, her life schedule has not changed. She’s still a bit of sports, walking and trying to eat right. Fortunately the presenter, her taste has not changed, so she’s not worried that she will have to fight the pounds accumulated during pregnancy.

“Only this time, I’m less worried – after all, there are things that remain on the subcortex. For example, I’m not referring to doctors on every alarming occasion, not stand on the bed if he felt that child a long time does not move. I remember the first pregnancy I had a real paranoia on this topic is: just that – immediately ran to the doctor and did CTG”, – said Ushakov in an interview with “OK!”.