Paulina Andreeva called “goat-the other woman”

Паулину Андрееву назвали «козочкой-разлучницей» In my program Ivan Urgant suggested that the actress could play in the musical about the Amur Timur and the “goat-the other woman”, if it was placed in Moscow. This joke showman hinted at a possible romance girls with Fedor Bondarchuk.

      Паулину Андрееву назвали «козочкой-разлучницей»

      Ivan Urgant traditionally begins his show with the announcement of the interesting news that appeared in the near future on the Network. The popular TV host’s mocking ridiculous ideas that sometimes appear in the news. This episode is no exception. Objects subring TV presenter became a Russian celebrity.

      The other day came the news that the Khabarovsk regional theatre plan to film the story of the friendship of the Amur tiger and the goat Timur, who live in the seaside Safari-Park. Prior to this, thousands of Internet users followed the lives of animals through a special page in “Instagram”. Premiere of new items scheduled for 17 April. “It’s a musical for family viewing, the audience will show the main stages in the lives of these heroes,” said Urgant.

      The presenter believes that the production of “doomed” to success and with time it moved to Moscow to show to Metropolitan audiences. “For the musical needs of folk artists. Friends, imagine how it would look programm of this musical. And so, starring the Amur Tiger – Vladimir Mashkov; goat Timur – Timur Rodrigez; crocodile – Igor Vernik; goat-rival in love – Paulina Andreeva; deaf badger – Yury Loza,” joked Ivan Urgant.

      The leading reason called the star of the series “Method” Paulina Andreeva “goat-the other woman”. Various sources report that the girl was a new friend Fyodor Bondarchuk, and he supposedly just broke up with his wife Svetlana.

      One of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show business announced the breakup in mid-March. Svetlana and Fedor agreed to part friends and to continue the dialogue. “The time together was wonderful, but today we parted ways because of this fact there are no conflicts, grievances, or controversies. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” he informed the couple the General public.

      According to information from close acquaintances Bondarchuk, the film “Stalingrad” might even marry 27-year-old Pauline, when will settle all the details with the divorce. The artist of these conversations has not commented.

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