Brad pitt believes his wife paranoid

Брэд Питт считает жену параноиком

Something wrong is happening with Angelina Jolie. A couple of days ago the world’s media wrote that the most likely actress and Director is sick with cancer, now own husband questioned the mental health of his half.

Brad pitt called his wife a paranoid once in the network there was an interview with singer Melissa Etheridge, claiming that the actor could be the father of her two children Bailey and Beckett.

No, Melissa didn’t mean to imply that pitt cheated on her with Jolie. The actress spoke about the events of two decades ago, when brad was not yet acquainted with the current wife.

Etheridge told the world that her children were born using donor sperm of brad pitt, and fertilization occurred at the clinic and not in a natural way.

This news literally made to break out angelina Jolie. According Herald’s Parent, spouse brad pitt wants to understand the situation and demands that the actor underwent a paternity test. If he don’t, she’s going to personally go to Melissa and demand answers.

Some friends of Joliette sure that the information about the DNA-test is just a false claim.

What’s really going on, few people know. Neither Jolie, pitt review have not yielded.

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