Illegitimate son of Arnold Schwarzenegger grew an exact copy of the father

Внебрачный сын Арнольда Шварценеггера вырос точной копией отца
18-year-old son of the former Governor of California from the housekeeper go shopping.

Внебрачный сын Арнольда Шварценеггера вырос точной копией отца

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Joseph Baena

The other day the paparazzi managed to photograph on the streets of California young man, incredibly similar to a young Arnold
Schwarzenegger. Like the actor and former
the Governor had a double. It was 18-year-old Joseph Baena — the love child of iron Arnie with your housekeeper Mildred. Powerful build, long hair,
signature smile… Joseph could easily become a stand-in father in his youth.

Recall that the fact of treason Arnold was able to hide from wife — Mary Swyer — for 14 years. But the older was Joseph, the more it becomes like a Schwarzenegger. Maria made her husband a questioning, and he confessed. But the family broke up just after public statements by Arnie illegitimate child and the recognition of the boy as his son. Soon after a loud divorce Arnold ceased to engage in politics again began to act in films. For the former housekeeper, the mother of his illegitimate son, Shwarzenegger bought a house for 300 thousand dollars. Mildred until recently also received
from it the alimony. Now young man
student, involved in sports. By the way, he has already made great strides in
swimming: Joseph is the winner in the butterfly stroke.

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