Paul Will spoke about the experiences of the wife

Павел Воля рассказал о переживаниях жены
The TV host shared details about the life of lyaysan Utyasheva.

Photo: Instagram

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva — sample of a real family in which both spouses have always supported each other in everything, including work. Recently it became known that utiasheva fulfilled the dream of his life — she created her own dance show, unique in our country just yet. At least so say experts. The premiere program is scheduled for early October, but it will take place not in Moscow but in Kazan. Before “storming” the capital necessary to conduct several concerts in other cities.

But Paul Will no doubt in the success of the show, because he saw many Laysan worked on it, how much was invested and what it is worth it.

“My darling Laysan utiasheva finally did what I always dreamed of: she dances! he said. — Dancing like not dancing one. Dancing with the team, which no one else has. Dancing to the music that no one has ever heard. In the statement, which was not anywhere. But now we’ll be able to see, to hear, to understand, to feel. I saw she was worried. Know how long she was lost in the dance hall. How much time was spent on other issues. How much they did everything in order, so we can see it. Don’t worry, dear, did something incredible. I think even you didn’t expect. That’s what happens when obsessed people are living the dream!Fly, my bird! And thank you to everyone who flies with you!”

The monologues and stories Will about Rosie and their children, Robert and Sophia, enjoyed continued popularity. No one expected that the “glamorous scum” will become an exemplary husband and father, will stand up for family values and the whole country screaming about his love. But he does this almost at every gig!