Anna Banshchikova nominated for the award “TEFI”

Анна Банщикова номинирована на премию «ТЭФИ»
Rivals become Actresses Marina Aleksandrova and Chulpan Khamatova.

Анна Банщикова номинирована на премию «ТЭФИ»

Anna Banshchikova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The announcement of the nominees of the most prestigious television awards of the country
occurred with a delay of several months. Because the award “TEFI” this year
unexplained reasons, was moved from spring to autumn. But now, it seems that the summing up
the outcome of the last TV season in the homestretch. 3 Oct
will be the winners of the prestigious statuettes.

Interestingly, among the nominees is leading programs, which
already there in the ether. For example, Yulia Menshova nominated for the program “Alone with
all.” And Dmitry Borisov, who is now Andrei Malakhov leads the talk show “Let
say,” pretend for the award is still as host of “the Evening news”…

Attention, of course, confined to chironominae. Long past the time when eminent Directors and actors shy of his
involvement in the series. On the contrary, now is the projects, made for TV,
sometimes become a landmark for artists.

Anna Banshchikova dispelled rumors about ballet past

In the category “Best actress, television movie/series” announced
Anna Banshchikova (TV series “Wings”), Marina Aleksandrova (“Catherine. Rise”)
and Chulpan Hamatova (“the secret passion”). By the way, before filming this
project Banshchikova learned that waiting for a third child, we can say that in
the movie with starred her and her daughter Masha.

In similar men
nomination for “taffy” will fight three actors: Mikhail Efremov (“Drunk firm”),
Denis Nikiforov “”Junior”) and Evgeny Tsyganov (“Sophia”). Recall that the names
the best among the worthy will be announced on 3 October at the ceremony