Victoria Bonia was at the epicenter of the earthquake

Виктория Боня оказалась в эпицентре землетрясения
The presenter told us what happened with her in Los Angeles.

Victoria Bonia

Victoria Bonia told that, on arriving in Los Angeles, became
an eyewitness of the earthquake. However, the magnitude of this phenomenon in California was
small — about four points, but the presenter was still scared.

“We just got shook! — shared the star. —
The earthquake of a magnitude of 3.6 points. When I flew to Los Angeles, I thought
it would probably be an earthquake the day before in Mexico it was
possibally. And I was right. By the way, this is the third such experience in my life.”

This fall, America “fever” and flying back to the Russian
celebrities have often witnessed terrible natural disasters. So, for example, the husband of Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko, together with
son Arkhip hostage hit Miami hurricane “Irma”. There was the family of the singer in the moment when
the coast of Florida, where the apartments of the actress, got up to the elements. Husband
Natasha up to a certain point was “live broadcasting” of how bad weather
raging in Miami. Sergey boldly stepped out on the balcony and commented on the situation.
Later, however, a heavy rain began, which lasted up to several hours. For
this time, the apartment the Queen was partially flooded.