Passions: the son of Sergey Zverev put forward to the father an ultimatum

Накал страстей: сын Сергея Зверева выдвинул отцу ультиматум
The stylist will meet with the heir in court?

Накал страстей: сын Сергея Зверева выдвинул отцу ультиматум

Sergey Zverev with his son


In a family scandal Sergei Zverev a new twist: the son of the stylist is preparing to sue his own father. Zverev is the youngest in the categorical form has demanded from the flamboyant star of financial support. Otherwise, he intends to sue the father’s living space.

A few years ago, the son of Sergei broke contact with him has stopped communication, moved to the suburbs and got married. Then came the divorce and the new marriage. No one celebration stylist has not turned up. Zverev tried to dissuade the heir of the rash acts, but the relationship the family has only escalated and then Sergei as a punishment deprived of the son financial support.

Then followed a new scandal: Zverev, Jr. came on TV and said that is busy searching for biological parents. He learned that at the age of three years was adopted. However, while this is only theory: in order to establish that he has no family ties with the outrageous father, he agreed to a DNA test, the results of which were never broadcast the show Andrey Malakhov. Zverev is the youngest opened the envelope and read the conclusion of experts, in tears, left the Studio “Live”.

The Son Of Sergey Zverev

Photo: the frame of the program “actually”

After that, the stylist spoke sharply about his daughter. He clearly explained his position: to meet my wife and son will not, as it believes that this marriage is doomed to failure. In response, the 24-year-old Sergei demanded, which became known from the inner circle at that time. “In a recent post he wrote: “If dad won’t help, we’ll sue his apartment” Sergey-senior and helped until recently. Clothes every season, brand gave the son the money. But after all has ceased. It doesn’t work, neither he nor his wife”, — quotes Starhit source.