Agata muceniece, commented on her affair with Dmitry Nagiyev

Агата Муцениеце прокомментировала свой роман с Дмитрием Нагиевым
The media found out who the actress “dumped” Paul Priluchnogo.

Agatha muceniece and Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: Social networks

Announcing the break in the marriage, Agatha muceniece provoked a wave of rumors about the possible reasons of its quarrel with Paul Priluchny. First, the Network discussed the version that the actor “checked himself” from his beloved with a partner on a new project — Lukeria Ilyashenko. Once these assumptions were personally denied by Paul, the fans continued to build a theory.

Now the blame for the discord in the family put on… Agatha. The actress attributed the affair with Dmitry Nagiyev, muceniece worked with on the project “Voice.Children.”

The other day Agatha found out that she supposedly is in love with the presenter. The Network began to appear the news, revealing her alleged secret affair. She laughed at the unlikelihood of the rumors: “Well, here! Why do they always tell everyone the secret!”

But not so long ago Priluchny made an official statement that marital conflict does not involve “third party”. No matter how fantasized the fans, the cause of the crisis in the relationship of the couple is not cheating. The couple, incidentally, has recently announced that it will work on the preservation of the family. So perhaps soon, the couple reconciled, and all problems in mutual understanding will remain in the past.