Anna Ardova had surgery

Анна Ардова перенесла операцию The actress was hospitalized. Journalists were able to identify that Anna Ardova suffer from serious illness, because of which she needed an operation on the kidney. It is not known what health stars at the moment.
Анна Ардова перенесла операцию

On the eve of the information appeared that the movie and theatre actress Anna Ardova was in the hospital. The press service of the theater. Mayakovsky said that because the artist is now not the performances and rehearsals, she decided to deal with health and medical treatment, which has long been planned. The statement did not specify what health problems the actress.

“Despite the fact that the anniversary season the theatre closes June 28, performances with the participation of Ardovs not this week. In rehearsals she’s not involved, so I decided to go for planned treatment now,” – said the press attache of the theatre.

It became known later that night Anna Ardova was urgently operated on. She needed major surgery. Ardova had surgery on the kidney, which has become a necessity in connection with a serious illness. Neither Anna nor her family, yet not comment on the situation.

Anna Ardova – star of the sitcom “One for all”, “Women’s League”, a hereditary actress. Immediately after graduation, the artist entered the service of the theatre. Mayakovsky.

46-year-old Ardova twenty years he lived with actor Alexander Shavrina, but in the beginning of last year, the couple announced the divorce. At the end of 2017 Shavrin died after a long illness.

At the Ardovs two children – daughter Sophia and son Anton. They followed in the footsteps of parents and also engaged in the acting profession.