Participant of the show “the Last hero” Sergey Sakin found dead

Участник шоу «Последний герой» Сергей Сакин найден мертвым The hero of the first season of the popular reality disappeared at the end of last year – November 24. As reported by the friends of Sergei Sakin, yesterday his body was found 50 metres from the place where he was last seen alive.
Участник шоу «Последний герой» Сергей Сакин найден мертвым

One of the most prominent participants of the reality show “Last hero” Sergey Sakin disappeared at the end of last year. The man had to leave the town of Myshkin, where for some time stayed with the friend of Alexander, helped him with the farm. 24 November went to Moscow. The next day, the friends Sergei was waiting for him in the capital, but he never made it home. Nearly six months the relatives and friends of Sakina looking for him.

Yesterday Sergei was found dead. Friend Sakina Tatiana Fedyakina were regularly placed in social networks the latest news about what is happening with the search for Sergei. Today, the girl confirmed “StarHit” that the man found dead.

“He was identified friend Alexander, which Sergei lived in Mishkin. I wonder why “Lisa Alert”, the police could not find him. As it turned out, his body was found near the town of Myshkin. Why so long looking for… Might be found when the snow melted, apparently. Unfortunately, I don’t know the details. He went to his friend Alexander in Myshkin, helped on the farm, they make cheese, cheese. Was engaged in farm management. Parents psychologically difficult, they can understand. Presumably, non-violent death was probably cardiac arrest. All of this in advance, will still be an autopsy and forensic examination,” – said Tatiana.
Участник шоу «Последний герой» Сергей Сакин найден мертвым

A classmate of the deceased Catherine also shared with “StarHit” the latest news. “I have no details. I’m his classmate. Found in the woods, near the place where the cameras saw him. Identified today. There is a forensic examination, the cause of death is not clear,” said Catherine “StarHit”.

Friends of Sergei in December of last year I published a post on the Network, in which in detail told how their missing comrade. “Sergei Sakin lost on the way from Myshkin in Moscow. 24 Nov had to leave Myshkin, and the next day was waiting for him at home. But in Moscow did not appear,” – said friends of the party of reality.

According to several versions, 25 Nov Sakin was on a ferry in Myshkin, then the man out to the highway and is gone. 26 November friends of Sergei filed a statement to the police. According to the comrades of the missing, three days later, the case was closed… because not relatives stated to law enforcement agencies. Photo of participants of “survivor” was placed in “Vkontakte” and Facebook. Friends have placed ads in various groups. Soon, the parents filed a second statement, also appealed to the search group “Lisa Alert”.

“Eternal memory! Missing in November, missing Sergei Sakin found yesterday. Today was the lineup. The fact was confirmed – he was found close to the forest, waiting for the conclusion of a forensic medical examination, what happened there. Please honor his memory and remember in prayers. O Lord, accept him into their village!” – shared Ekaterina online.
Участник шоу «Последний герой» Сергей Сакин найден мертвым

Sergei Sakin remembered by the audience after the show “the Last hero” – in the fall of 2001, he flew to Panama. “For me the project was not difficulties to sleep on the ground accustomed to separations from loved ones too, and there’s was nothing new,” – said Sakin in an interview with “StarHit” a few years ago. Show Sergei didn’t win, but became a favorite of viewers who watched its relations with member – Anne of Modestova. They met in a bar, even before casting. On the project they were in different tribes on different Islands. In love with Sergei even tried to cross to the beloved. After the incident, the creators of the show put to Sergei the security guard.

It turned out that love was on the project was sincere. Sergei and Anna returned home in June of 2002, soon the lovers got married and were married. The newlyweds congratulated the participants of the show”the Last hero” Inna Gomez, Sergei Odintsov, the bride and groom even promised to come and show host Sergei Bodrov, but he was shooting. Sergei and Anna together with relatives bought an apartment in the capital. In 2005, the couple had a son Alyosha. Despite this, Anna filed for divorce. “With me it was impossible to live, – told Sergey. – I was selfish, a liar. Was gone for weeks, explained this work, and in fact was doing drugs and couldn’t stop. Anna was a primary school teacher, earned a bit, I printed, collaborated with TV. But money is not enough. Anya could not stand, and we broke up.”

Участник шоу «Последний герой» Сергей Сакин найден мертвым

Soon Sakin rented an apartment, according to his confession, he thought that forever will remain one, then addicted to alcohol. In 2007, I came for a job interview – to get the editor on TV. The girl Maria, who was running it liked Sakino. Between them began a relationship. Soon the lovers began to live together in the apartment of Maria. In 2009 they had a daughter Vasilisa. However, a year later things again went downhill: “It was the bottom, money almost ceased to flow, I realized that nasty daughter and Mache, and left. Again became homeless – he lived on the stations, could fight, and a store to Rob. Tried to give fell on Prokopivna in the clinic. But after discharge, I rarely missed more than a day – broke”, – shared Sergey.

Several years ago Sergei Sakin passed a long and difficult treatment. Then some time, John lived in Pereslavl in the monastery, talked a lot and wrote about faith, about God. Now Sakin actively supported friend Andrew “Pale” Pozdnukhova of the rap group “25/17”, promoted in social networks of their new albums. It is worth noting that Sergey had a relationship with a son and daughter. In social networks, he frequently published pictures with them.