Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky caught up with debts

Рита Дакота и Влад Соколовский расквитались с долгами The couple paid the full amount on the mortgage. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky has acquired a personal residence. at the moment when they began to plan the birth of a child. Now they have to do only repair.
Рита Дакота и Влад Соколовский расквитались с долгами

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky became parents for the first time at the end of last year. The couple had a charming daughter MIA. The singer dedicates all his time to the education of the child, however, manages to communicate with his followers. She and her husband also make a vlog that goes up on YouTube.

In one of the latest editions Rita said that they had to work with my husband a lot of effort to pay your debts. The couple bought an apartment in the mortgage. As reported by the singer, they slightly reduced their costs. Besides, and baby daughter, they help the parents.

“The question about why we lived as we lived. People wrote and asked why we live in an “odnushke”, for example. That’s why! Then we moved to the country to parents that allowed us to save on rent, and nanny. Keep in mind, if you have such options, they should be used certainly! Now we experience indescribable feelings! This is awesome! Freedom! No loans, no parents! That is, we love our parents, but want to live separately. We will not say what that amount. But we pushed hard and managed to pay. We are happy and all advise: more exercise, close your mortgage. Now we have our own hut in Moscow!” – shared the star.

We will remind that earlier spouses had to make repairs in the house of Vlad’s parents as they lived with them. But now the guys are looking for a designer who will help them set up the apartment in Moscow.

“In the spring will start repair in our five-room apartment in the center of Moscow, we have recently bought. That’s where we turn around: hire a designer, something from home furnishings to buy in Bali – love to go there. When talking to friends that have moved out of town, everybody seems to think that we’ve got an estate and a mansion. No, it’s not that we are simple children and live in a normal house,” said Rita “StarHit”.

Yet Sokolovsky and Dakota live in rented house in the suburbs. “They shoot while their apartment is being renovated. How many survive is not clear. Moved out from my parents because it was very far to go” – shared representative celebrities Elena.