Zoe Saldana received a star on the walk of fame

Зои Салдана получила звезду на аллее славы

After a pregnant Eva Longoria star in glory alle got Zoe Saldana, who played the green Gamora in the new film “the Avengers: infinity War”. May 3, Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher left the children at home to go to the alley to Hollywood and to congratulate his colleague.

Зои Салдана получила звезду на аллее славы

The main star was Saldana, who received a star and 34-year-old kunis chose the inconspicuous image in black color. Actress at a gala event in the large trousers with belt, short jacket and boots on a flat sole. And the culprit of the event chose the satin dress in cream color with silver embroidery and a Cape. Complements the image of a star sandals with heels and accessories.

“I am happy that I became part of the Hollywood walk of fame. Let it will open more doors for Hispanics and members of other communities,” wrote Zoe Saldana.

Mila did not sit still and decided to speak from the stands. The actress is not the first year know each other, because in 2007 he starred in the film “After sex”. “I admire you as a person, as a wife, sister, mother, business lady and actress. While the whole world knows you as the performer of certain roles that you played, I was lucky to know you as a working mother,” said kunis.

In addition to kunis and Kutcher at the event there was a major support team Saldana — husband artist Marco Perego, and their three children and the parents of Zoe.

To Hollywood Zoe special treatment. “Hollywood adheres to elitists approach to content – all tend to make movies that will guarantee you a nomination or movies that will provide you the cover of the prestigious magazine, and neglects the audience who loves action films,” said Saldana.

Zoe believes that blockbusters or films about superheroes is on a far more important mission than for a highly intelligent and conceptual art: “When children try to find their place in the world, they don’t look sophisticated intelligent films for guidance. Maybe someone does, but most consider to be their role models of superheroes”.