Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня» The girl told how he saw Egor and about their Hobbies. Eugene Menesheva believes that the project is similar to the daily visits to the therapist. According to her, she learned a lot from opponents.
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»

Participant of “the Bachelor” on TNT Eugene Menesheva surprised the main character from the first minute Dating. The girl slipped Egor Creed, a paper bag with the inscription “I’m not famous” (“I’m not a celebrity”). This package suddenly has become a real meme and became for the son a ticket to the show. The heroine of the TV show spoke about life outside of the project and with respect to Yegor.

Why did you decide to participate in the show “the Bachelor” on TNT? Did you watch previous seasons? If so, what kind of impression they have left?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Watched last season. I liked the show and Glinnikov – he seemed very nice. And I decided to go for the project.—
How did you feel when went on a meeting with the bachelor, when she didn’t know who it is? Maybe you wanted to conquer the heart of a certain famous guy?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Like many girls, I read in the media that the hero project would like Egor creed. To be honest, in the beginning thought it was not the best option for me: still would like to see in the role of the protagonist, the older man himself. Anybody, I have no idea!

Were you familiar with the work of Yegor creed, have you thought that someday meet him in person? What impression you have formed about Yegor?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Before I came on the project, I heard only one song of Egor “Oh my God, mom.” It sounded from everywhere. This song and all the image from that clip for a very young audience. And I was pleasantly surprised when the participants of the project gave me to listen to more tracks Yegor, they are more than worthy. He’s trying, evolving, so the product is getting better. From the first conversation with Yegor, I noted that it is much older than his age in the passport.—
Other participants – is a rival or friend, who can keep up? Will continue to communicate after the project, to help each other?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»When I went on the show, realized that the friends there can not be in the format of the event. But in the end, I communicate very well with Rose, Anya. Remember that first night with the bachelor of us gathered together, picked each other Luke. And this, of course, completely broke my idea about friendship. We will continue to communicate with the girls: Rose, Anya, Dasha Lukinoj.

What challenges have you faced during the show?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»I was very tired. Because, after all, shooting is a long process. It is on the screen the date or the rose ceremony may be placed in a few minutes. And actually it is for several hours. And all this time you had to be with makeup. And I, by the way, not used all the time to paint. To me this is really hard.—
How have you changed during participation in the project?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Very much! In General, “the Bachelor” on TNT – a powerful psychological reboot! I feel like I’m in another world. I always cared first and foremost about spiritual condition. Never paid too much importance on his appearance. But then I got into the world of real beauties, who could for a few hours to talk about some weird beauty treatments, the means of teeth bleaching. I’m really good at in this subject to pump. And a very great experience with cameras. It’s like a daily trip to the therapist. Constantly need to tell you how I feel! So I really changed on the project.—
What does the Agency you founded, and what results were achieved?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»The Agency is digital, promotion of brands. It, events, and sites and promotion in social networks, we have a large range of services. Achievements much. For 3 years of existence, the Agency’s staff has expanded to 20 people, and on our account for over fifty clients.

Many participants of the show are just starting your career, and you’re in business, being the founder of the Agency. Did you feel a barrier in communicating with participating in the show because of the different spheres of activity?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»There is absolutely no barrier was not, because in this season many girls already have some achievements, each in his field. For example, the wick nearly became “Miss Russia” – took, in my opinion, second place. Juliana Pylayeva – contestant on “DANCING” on TNT. The Ani project “Namagiri” is a very popular blog. Yes, all are not listed!—
What did you friends and relatives when I found out that you have become a member of the show? Do they have over the editions, maybe leave some comments?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Until recently I was afraid to tell dad about my participation – I was sure that he would not understand me, even starts to talk: “Why do you need this?”. Said when he Packed his bags and arrived in Moscow. And, to my surprise, he supported me! And my mother said that I was at some ceremony of rose looks just like Lyubov Orlova. A dubious compliment but an indicator of the highest respect! Friends also support – watch the series together, laugh, discuss. And I am pleased that, in their opinion, the project is exactly the same as in life.

What should be your young man? What is important is whether his field of activity?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»I can say for sure that my young man should earn more than me. This is by far. I have had relationships with thin creative people: DJs, artists, promoters. The lack of stability and understanding of what will happen tomorrow. In the end, in the role of male energy in a pair often was me. Tired! Specific scope is not very important – the main thing is to match interests, our commitment to growth. Elon Musk is a great example: what is creativity, what fresh ideas he brings to the world! Cool dream to inspire a man to great things!—
In the questionnaire you wrote: “was Looking for her husband everywhere”. Share your experience where you tried to meet men, why not a relationship?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Oh, Yes! I tried to build relationships in a variety of creative ways. Sitting on Dating sites, attended training sessions, read the literature from the category of “Thinking like a man, act like a woman”. As ultramaximizer, I and the relationship has been very diligent! With someone relationship that has developed with someone there. It’s normal life history.—
Can you call yourself a man amorous? Did you ever in your life the kind of relationship where it seemed that they are here to stay, and soon the wedding?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Yes, I am very amorous man. Can fall in love with a popular person, a star. Recently I had a crush on the actor Timothy Salame. However, a couple of days (like after “Lady bird”), but still. And almost all his relationships seriously – in love, thought it would last forever, wanted to live together and die in one day. Immediately, really not understanding, has decided that he, a Prince on a white horse “rode into the sunset” and all that. I have been in different relationship for several years. Only last year have status “free and independent”. I didn’t even know how to call a taxi! I always have someone to help.—
As experienced separation from loved ones?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»Any parting is, of course, tragic. I see two stages after the breakup. First: “Hooray, finally I can rest and watch “Sex in the city” all day long”. A few days come the memories of the most endearing moments: “he was so cool, all those sunsets and sunrises, to me no one else is gonna love”! I never fell into a long depression – but like all normal people, have experienced.—
You seem self-sufficient and self-confident person. Discover the secret – how to fight with the complexes?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»The secret – put the systems on display. It’s such a social exhibitionism. I don’t keep a problem, and share them with friends or followers in social networks. And by speaking, discussing, get rid of complexes.—
How do you keep yourself in shape? Do diet, do physical exercise?
Участница «Холостяка» Евгения Менешева: «Парень должен зарабатывать больше меня»During my life I tried a lot of different diets. A raw food diet, veganism and the like. But came to the conclusion that the most effective way is trivial things we put our parents to follow the schedule, eat 5 times a day in small portions, exercise, not eat at night, drink plenty of water, go to bed early. I believe that a more effective way to be in form no. In General, I adhere to a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes allow myself to various Goodies. How can you live without them? In General, I think that going to the gym – the official reason to indulge yourself with cheese or cheesecake.—
Do you have any bad habits?
Oh, how many I had different bad habits and addictions! But now I’m all got rid of. I have long been pure as the may dew!