Вера Брежнева страдала от нападок одноклассников The singer fought to defend their honor. From national pop stars, the mother of two children and wife of producer Konstantin Meladze had a difficult childhood. Money is not enough, and in the school of Belief abused other students.
Вера Брежнева страдала от нападок одноклассников

Childhood Faith Brezhneva, then it bore the name, maiden name Galushka, held on the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Dneprodzerzhinsk. A girl from a large family, went to an ordinary comprehensive school. As a teenager, Faith was not a striking beauty, which then turned. Wore things big sisters thick glasses, she had short hair, braces and uncertainty in movements. Classmates immediately disliked her, especially girls. She immediately gave offensive nicknames, the future star of the hurt, and she as he could, took the shot. This was told by her classmate Dmitry Duzik in the program “the Stars aligned”, which was dedicated to childhood and youth of the famous artists of the contemporary scene. The man shared memories, who does not paint his classmates. Told as Faith hurt, brought to tears and how she sometimes had to defend himself even with his fists.

Вера Брежнева страдала от нападок одноклассников “To our school Faith come to the current team. It was the fifth class to sixth. Awkward ugly duckling. Girl they called her – bespectacled, halucha-frog. In the class there were 20 girls and only 6 boys. None of us did not protect her. She took the shot. Sometimes even the fights were in the yard. And after the girls were late for class, and Faith came in, disheveled and in tears. But always struggled. Did severely once stuck to the back of the piece of paper on which was written “Ugly” – said a classmate of Vera Brezhneva.

Family dumpling lived in poverty and Faith after-school bar of soap dishes. But it didn’t last long. After school, fate smiled at Faith, and she was in the group “VIA GRA”. When the first clip with Faith was on TV, classmates recognized her immediately. “I saw her in the first clip, when he served in the army. Realized that know her. Most likely, personally. But first I found out she changed in appearance, – was told by a classmate, And then come home and the younger sister says: “You studied with Vera Brezhneva?!”. And I said, well, what it is Brezhnev, she’s a dumpling”. A classmate of the star, the wife of one of the most talented composers and producers Konstantin Meladze – Vera Brezhneva, still does not consider her a sex symbol.

“She grew up and prettier. But for me, and left Vera Galushka. But I want now to say Hello and to say – Vera, you were a good man. If we do something wrong, then please excuse me. You’re beautiful, stay the same,” said a classmate of Vera Brezhneva.

The program was attended not only by former classmates and celebrities, but the stars remembered their universities. So, his difficult school life told the Director guy-Germanika. It turned out that she was wronged, no less than Faith. Classmate touched the future Director, wrote in the stairwell of insults, called names, was very popular and, in the end, brought to a nervous breakdown, for which she even got to the hospital.

Went to school and Anastasia Stotskaya, who has studied three years in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi. The singer and actress was considered the black sheep, but because of the high growth, braces and long hair was called the Terminator.

But the stars don’t hold a grudge against the offenders of childhood: the past is the past.