Теща Вадима Казаченко обвинила его в подлом обмане According to women, the singer illegally took control of its money. She sold a luxury apartment in Moscow, and the proceeds invested in the purchase of a home for Vadim Kazachenko and his daughter Olga. The remaining amount, according to Natalia Martynova, the artist took.
Теща Вадима Казаченко обвинила его в подлом обмане

Litigation of Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife Olga have been going on for a month. First singer wanted to find out whether the newborn son of ex-lady is his mother. Then began arguing over property and alimony.

Now Kazachenko claims to unfinished house in the suburbs, who allegedly have invested a lot of money. But the family of Olga claims that the property was purchased with their funds. In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” the mother of the young woman hurried to tell, where did this come from the cottage.

“Vadim persuaded me to sell my luxury apartment in Moscow, which at that time was worth half a million dollars. He argued that it is necessary for the good of the family, and I was strongly against. I wanted to share in this house designed for me, but Olga was entrusted to Vadim did not even know what can happen something similar. She designed the house herself, and now there are courts for this house, although Vadim does not have any relation to it. There after buying the house was still, and she went to Vadim. What he did with the money is unknown,” – said Natalia Martynova.

According to the former mother-in-law of the singer, they now have the whole family huddled in a small house in Lyubertsy. In this structure, even there is no sewer, but Kazachenko absolutely do not care about the conditions in which the lives of his son.

The artist himself denies any accusations. According to Vadim, he invested a lot of money in renovating the house, and therefore has that right. But the financial viability of the former mother-in-law he is very doubts.

“What 500 thousand dollars? Why did I about them heard? Of course, these sums I have not even seen. When there was a repair in the house, I have transferred the money. Now they say I’m almost a monster. But somehow, Olga doesn’t change the name and continue to walk on a variety of television shows. They earn money and continue to sell themselves,” – said Kozachenko.

Despite the fact that the scandal with his ex-wife was hit hard on his health, the actor does not intend to retreat. He wants to continue to plead with Olga. Moreover, Kozachenko already managed to win several meetings. So, a young woman ordered to pay ex-wife a million rubles for the gifts he once gave her.

Relatives of Olga Kazachenko hope that sooner or later the conflict will be settled. Natalia Martynov claims that everything that happens has a negative impact on the life of her daughter. Now the young woman wants to move with his son Philip into the house, which they can never finish because of the constant lawsuits.