Мария Куликова поделилась редким фото подросшего сына
The actress published a picture of six-year-old Ivan.

Son Kulikova Matrosov and Ivan

Photo: Social networks

Maria Kulikova doesn’t like to advertise personal life, so practically does not publish pictures of the son in social networks. She uses the blog to work as much as: announces premieres and talks about filming. But what mom will stay on to show off her grown-up son, whom she is very proud of? So Maria decided that one photo of the storis her microblog will not cause much harm six-year-old son Ivan.

On the eve of the Kulikovo showed how good-looking her grown son. The boy, born in the marriage of the actress with Denis Matrosov very similar to my mom, although some of the features he inherited from his father. The photo was taken before the campaign of Mary with her son in the theater for a performance of “Three Ivan.” An actress since early childhood Ivan instills a love for theater arts.

Incidentally, despite the divorce, Kulikova and Matrosov managed to create for her son a comfortable environment. When Denis is on the move, Ivan lives with his mother, and when she goes on tour, boy moves in with dad. 2015 Denis lives in a country house together with Olga Golovina, who two years ago gave him another son — Fyodor. Ivan to the birth of the brother reacted positively. When he is with dad, helping him take care of the little Fyodor.

In the personal life of Mary, it seems, the harmony reigns. Recently she told me that happy again, but the name chosen to reveal to the public does not want. “I’m not alone and not the first year to know this man, — said Kulikov. — As-that so left that lived by the principle “work — home, home — work”. Now I want to get us out of what we do. There are two days of free — fall. I think I finally learned to taste the pleasure of life. And of course, this has the great merit of the man, which near. Recently, the son said, “you Have him the wedding will be?”