Принцесса Евгения выходит замуж за своего родственника
The groom is the granddaughter of the Queen was an aristocrat.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank


Recently revealed an interesting detail about
the groom Princess Eugenie, daughter of the second son of Queen Elizabeth Prince Andrew.
Jack Brooksbank about the engagement of Eugenia which became known in January of this
year, was a distant relative of the Princess. Eugenia and Jack found a common ancestor —
we are talking about the Earl of Leicester, the second bearer of the title in this genus, which is considered very noble. As
turns out, he was brought great-grandfather of Brookbank. And mother Eugenia,
the Duchess of York — great-great-granddaughter of Leicester.

This biographical fact became a surprise for those
who is not versed in the genealogy of the Royal family. Because when I become
it is known that Eugene was engaged to Brooksbank, it was reported only
the fact that he earns his living as the Manager of a trendy London night
club Markham Inn. And he began his
career working first as a bartender and later as a waiter. However, it later turned out,
Jack is not so simple. He was a graduate of an elite private school Stowe School, where children
aristocrats and very rich people. But although parents Brooksbank not
skimp, pay for his betrothal to 13 thousand dollars for one semester, at the end
school, he refused to go to University. Jack said to the parents, does not want
to waste time, and intends to engage in the restaurant business, and,
decided to start with the “bottom”.

As for
Eugene, who will become the lawful wife Brooksbank in October of this year, with
he met in 2010 at a ski resort in Switzerland.
Perhaps that is why, as a “scene” to his proposal of marriage, he
chose the mountainous landscape. As told to the Princess, it all happened when Jack was invited
her to go to Nicaragua, to relax a bit. One day they
was on the lake, located at the foot of the scenic volcano. “It
it was amazingly beautiful. We arrived there at sunset, and the water in the lake was
some striking color, I’ve never seen. And then he
suddenly went down on one knee. Of course, deep down I believed that one day
we’ll get married. And still his proposal was a complete surprise to me.
Besides, Jack chose just the perfect moment!” — admitted Eugene.