Participant of “House-2” Sasha Black-and blames herself for the abortion

Участница «Дома-2» Саша Черно винит себя в аборте The girl told about unsuccessful experience of relations with a young man named Eugene. A couple of years ago Sasha Black was going to get married, but the ceremony never took place. Moreover, a member of telestroke was preparing to become a mother, but she had to terminate the pregnancy.
Участница «Дома-2» Саша Черно винит себя в аборте

24-year-old Sasha Black is one of the most prominent member of the reality show “Dom-2”. The girl is not afraid to show the viewers their artistic abilities, and the other guys think it is the soul of the company. She is now happy in a relationship with Joseph Oganessian, however, Sasha’s life was not always cloudless.

Mother brunette was in prison for theft. For many years now Black not supports relationship with parent and considers her a stranger. Member of telestroke tried to find a common language with the woman, but couldn’t.

“I don’t know where she is,” says Sasha.

In recognition of Black, she spent three years working in an insurance brokerage organization. But then she decided to earn more and found a place in another company.

“I went to work for the Scam (without knowing it), and therefore had a financial problem due to which I had to ask the girls money. Life was certainly very scary, several times I was on the verge of death. There were threats and harassment and even attack… I have about two million rubles. Fraudulently I got three friends to take the loan for which they are now paying the price. Have to give them about 50 thousand a month…” said Sasha.

Black also hides your bad experience in relationships that ended for her extremely painful. Two years ago Sasha was so much in love with a young man named Eugene, he was going to marry him. The girl was just doing it for the second half and spent a decent amount of money to regularly see him. Eugene lived in another town, so the brunette had to splurge on the trip.

However, the wedding never took place. Black was expecting from a mate, but decided not to tell him. In the end the girl had to have an abortion. In recognition of participating telestroke, it was given her very hard.

“I blame. The man promised me nothing, I was hoping if something happens (If I’m loved, that’s all. Me takes it out of love, and I don’t hear anyone. Esters now is an example). In any case, what happened, happened. Nothing changed. The main thing – not to do terrible things in the future. To solve financial obligations. Good to all of you. Judge not, lest ye be judged,” shared Black.