Polina Gagarina explained why not familiarizes the fans with his daughter

Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему не знакомит поклонников с дочерью The singer believes that the baby should not participate in photo shoots that will be seen by millions of people. Polina Gagarina tries to protect MIA from the scrutiny from the public, why not spread the pictures with the child even on the personal page in a social network.

This spring, Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The actress gave birth to a daughter who was named MIA. Singer to the last months she hid the pregnancy, and immediately informed the fans about the new addition to the family. Now fans of the singer of the hit “no more Drama” insist that she give them the baby. However, Gagarin believes that MIA is too small for images that appear on the covers of glossy magazines.

“In ten years, maybe… We were together with Andrew, when he was only three years, but then I wasn’t such a rush. I would not like to daughter reviewed by millions of eyes. She is still so little”, says Gagarin.

According to star, having a child has changed their lives. Spouse star Dmitry Iskhakov has revised its Outlook on creativity. Earlier, the photographer has always worked with older, and after the birth of MIA’s switched to shooting babies. “We have a huge photo archive with MIA, and home video library is. We, like all young parents, take your child literally every second, I can not see a lot, satelliweb constantly. But such is the fate of infants: all their squeeze,” – said Gagarin.

As noted by Pauline, son Andrew helps her cope with the heiress. The boy takes care of younger sister and entertains her dancing, when she starts to cry. However, according to the artist, raising two children takes a lot of time. Gagarin had to get up early to collect son to school and then run away.

“I have a monument in his lifetime put all mothers who cope with the children alone. Don’t know what I’d do without a husband, mothers and nannies,” said Pauline in an interview with “Hello!”.

This fall, the artist is preparing two big solo concerts in St.-Petersburg and Moscow. The performances she plans to introduce new numbers and songs to the accompaniment of a Symphony orchestra. In addition, the audience waiting for interesting installations and effects.