Участница «Дома-2» претендует на место Ольги Орловой Girl dreams of becoming a TV presenter. Olga Rapunzel admitted that the post project management initially promised her. She plans not to deviate from the goal and achieve the prestigious post.

In March, the team of telestroke joined by Olga Orlova. Famous singer now is also a place of execution. Learn exciting news about the completion of teleserye almost all of the participants and fans of the program were very pleased with the appointment. They noted professionalism and accurate operation of the blonde. However, there were also those for whom such changes were not to their liking. So, in one of the last issues of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel said that the position is rightfully hers.

According to long-haired beauties, the permanent hosts of the show promised her a place that eventually took the other. The brunette also said that flying to the Seychelles, where the third set of the project, with the aim of increasing. But to the surprise of Rapunzel, she was deceived. Without hiding disappointment, Olga publicly said that did not expect such an outcome to this story.

Orlov did not stay aside and admitted that all first hears about the possible appointment girls. The singer did not take the competition seriously and with irony reacted to the promises of Metropolitan colleagues. “Oh, those Moscow leading!” said the media personality in the process.

But apparently, taking pity on a distressed Rapunzel, heads still gave her the opportunity to show themselves for the coveted post. The first model spent part of the place of execution and could not recover from the happiness. Joy and delight beauty had no limit. She immediately shared violent emotions with the followers in Instagram, telling them that it is not going to stop there. In addition, the show’s star said that she understands the mistakes and are ready to continue to develop and achieve goals.

However, not all followers Rapunzel shared her euphoria and decided to support Orlova. They openly stated that they prefer to see on the site leading ex-soloist of “Brilliant” and advised the ambitious brunette to stay as a participant. “Olenka, nicer to look at you when you’re in the project! You don’t need this place!” “Because the post is already occupied. Or I not understand something? Why, again, change the face in the program?”, – commented on the publication of followers of a celebrity.

Despite heated debates in the Network, the position became a bone of contention for teak remains Orlova. Fans teleproekta sure that the experiment did not go to the benefit show and repeat it is not worth it. Rapunzel herself has no plans to stop the trial and is convinced that it will provide a Central place to live.

“I want to be leading! This is my dream. I will go to her, need to work a lot, not just want and wait. I can do it. I will get better. I have today had a rehearsal. I held the place of execution with the parties. Was ridicule, resentment, indignation. Leading sucks and so on. As usual, I’m not surprised. Would you like to see me in the leading role?” she asked in a microblog.