Milan Kerzhakov is preparing for the appearance of a second child

Милана Кержакова готовится к появлению второго ребенка The wife of the forward of “Zenith” wants another baby. Milan Kerzhakov shared with subscribers microblog thoughts about pregnancy. Footballer’s wife noted that the following genera are planning to hold abroad.

Celebrity couple Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova in April were first time parents. On light there was a boy called Artyom. The young mother confessed that the child has completely changed her view of life and values, helped to understand yourself. But star successor is a welcome one not only for parents themselves but also for their fans. After learning about the completion of the family idols, their subscribers in Instagram, in addition to the congratulations and good wishes, began to leave in the comments questions about the next heirs.

It turned out that Milan is not going to delay the birth of another baby. She told followers that the idea of second pregnancy it really visit. The woman posted on Twitter a family photo on which she is depicted with the one you love, and at the hands of Artem. In the post celebrity wrote that while only dreaming about the future addition to the family, but mentally begins to prepare for this event. And while the blonde tries to enjoy every moment spent with her son and to give him maximum attention and care.

In addition, the young woman said to give birth to a second child, she definitely is going in the United States of America. Beauty even imagined how her little Artem and his brother are healthy sea air and a positive environment. Wife of famous football player has shared with fans of sincere feelings, which has for first.

“My baby is my happiness! I never could imagine so much love! I look at him and so want to protect from any future disappointments, hardships. I want to make sure that he was the happiest! Think mom will support me in this, because everyone wants to give their child only the best,” wrote Milan.

Of course, the active members have left the entry without attention and good reviews. They wished Kerzhakova emergency pregnancy and asked her often to share with them the same sweet and honest confessions.

“Milan, listen to your heart! It you have a pure, loving and open! Believe in love! God bless you and the baby health, purity of soul and peace in the family! Wrote everything correctly!”, “What you are wonderful! Has long been in love with your family, and now in this little one. Happiness to you. Hurrah!” “It’s good to read this from the example. As sincerely and cleanly written. Love to you and your baby’s health. I hope soon we will see one more toddler on your hands,” commented the users of the social network.