Юрий Никулин боялся изменить жене с Гурченко
The actor admitted that does not tolerate love scenes.

With Lyudmila Gurchenko in the film “Twenty days without war”. 1976

Photo: TASS

Alexander Pankratov-Cherny talks for the first time about the actor Yuri Sochi, who was friends with many years. As it turned out, he was madly in love with his wife Tanya.

was often in the company of Nikulin, and I admired them
wife touching and tender relationship, recalls Pankratov-Black. — Tanya was very beautiful,
soft and intelligent woman. And tactful. Beside her husband became
quiet and inconspicuous. For example, Nikulin talking with Etush, she listens,
in silence, only occasionally under the table to gently spank her husband on the knee, but
so no one will notice — they say, Yur, you’re overreacting. Then Nikulin
turn away, but he and yum-yum in a bowl put. And before
how to say goodbye and leave, Yuri was always asking his wife:
“So we going or what?” Tanya sees that he does not want with friends
to leave: “Let me sit”. But if he’s tired: “Yura,
maybe we’ll go?”Connects them not only a place of work and not even the son, but
something more. Very strong mutual love. They are amazing
approached each other. Nikulin’s ridiculous, kind of homely. But when
they went somewhere alone with Tanya — it was a strikingly beautiful pair.”

Nikulin was so in love with his wife that because of this hated play in the love scenes. “Once he complained to me: “another — beauty Queen. And
to me, this is unsightly, with her in the film “Twenty days without war”
had love to play, you know?” — “Well, what is this, Yuri
Vladimirovich?” — “Well, I did love my I must explain to
love Gurchenko! For me, it was unbearable! I could not Tanya
change! Pronounced his text in front of Jack, and was presented to Tanya,
remembered for our youth, how we met, our conversations…”

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