The star of the film “guest from the future” Natalia Guseva secretly married

Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» Наталья Гусева тайно вышла замуж The actress regained the family fortune. After the divorce with her husband Denis and Natalia threw herself into her work, working microbiologist. Only three years ago the celebrity came to find a life partner. To them became 42-summer Sergey Ambinder, designer, son of the head of the charity Fund Rusfond.
Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» Наталья Гусева тайно вышла замуж

One of the most memorable films of the mid 80-ies is a picture of “guest from the future”, where the main role of Alice Selezneva played a 12-year-old schoolgirl Natasha Guseva. The film brought the girl a huge success: hundreds of thousands of teenagers, the Soviet Union wanted to be like the young actress or waiting for a personal acquaintance with her.

A young man named Denis met a star in Minsk and made a great impression on her by jumping out of the mail box, which brought the girl to the hotel. They began to meet. In 1993, Denis Murashkevich and Natasha Guseva got married a few years later they had a daughter Alesia. Then the star took her husband’s name, to attract less attention. Family relationships were pretty difficult, so in 2001 the couple finally realized that can not continue to live together. They were able to part friends.

Natasha began to look for a new life partner, and completely gone in his career. She didn’t want to become a professional actress, so she decided to continue to study the life Sciences to develop in this area. Only a few years ago, Natalia met a new love. Her choice was a 42-year-old designer Sergey Ambinder.

“She lived some years with Sergei Ambinder, then they are officially married. They have a great family life,” said Alexander, administrator of the sites “aliamanu”.

According to Denis Murashkevich, he was personally acquainted with her lover, Natalia, and they even do not have problems in communication. The man is happy for ex-wife. “So much time has passed, what can we share! Family life Natasha is her new story,” said Denis.

Ambinder, confirmed to journalists that they are happy in marriage. A former colleague of Natalia Elena Metelkina opened one more detail: it announced the completion of the family of the performer of the role of Alice.

“Natalia is in the second marriage the child was born,” shared the actress, but did not disclose details. The employees of the company where the woman works, also noted that while she is on maternity leave to care for her daughter Sophia. All congratulations Natasha took the phone.

The oldest child, 20-year-old Alesya, had a good relationship with his stepfather and his own father. She receives education in an art College. As admitted by her dad to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, she pleases parents excellent grades.