Участница «Дома-2» призывает Александра Гобозова к доминированию Kate Zinoviev spoke about the possible arrival of men on the project. Soon it will be known which of the stars of telestroke back to the Clearing. Alexander Gobozov ready to build love with Ekaterina Zinovyeva.

At the end of the month will be known which of the ex-participants “Houses-2” will be back on the project. Fans believe that the best chance Alexander Gobozova who has already chosen the girl. He liked the 22-year-old model from Krasnoyarsk Kate Zinoviev. According to the girl, the man interested in her with their persistence. Previously Alexander has admitted that he is ready to court her in any way. Katya herself sees in Alex a kindred spirit.

“It cracked me up the male position. He said, “I like this girl, and she will be mine!” There are few men now who are achieving their goals, and not just achieve, and care. To me it is very close in spirit!” – shared Zinoviev.

The participant of the project met with Alexander in December. Gobozov did not hide the fact that the girl he liked. They began to communicate by video as the man did not immediately think about how to return to the project. Katya glad for all the time they met, the initiative always came from Alexander.

Gobozov named the model to celebrate the New year, but she was forced to go to my parents for the holidays. However, on the eve of the wedding, they called and met together in 2018 on video. Zinoviev admits that it is difficult to find a common language. According to the girl, the chosen one needs to be able to suppress her temper and take care of her.

“I have a very bad temper, and I need that man has always dominated me. Just Sasha that he is giving me something to say, and I listen to him with an open mouth. Maybe it affects that he is older than me. I like it” – shared Zinoviev with the publication of “Dom2Life”.

Katia was born in Krasnoyarsk. She studied law and worked as a model. She admits that she doesn’t like to sit around and prefer to lead an active lifestyle.