Василий Уткин сильно располнел после расставания с возлюбленной Sports TV commentator and presenter spoke about marriage, after which he fell into a severe depression significantly increased in weight and was addicted to alcohol. Vasily Utkin has long concealed the failures of love.

Well-known sports journalist Vasily Utkin was married for more than 20 years ago, but long concealed the marriage from the public. The commentator was trying to start a family with model Natalia Paquebot. After a series of troubles in family life, the couple broke up. In recognition Utkin ex-wife was the only love in his life.

“Met in total, the company began a relationship. It became a marriage, because Natasha was not a Russian passport – she was the daughter of the military and wasn’t born in Russia. At some point I said, “marry me”. Was a very modest wedding, we stayed together a little over a year, but lived together in fits and starts – had no apartment, nothing. It was a normal relationship, loved each other, but pretty soon realized that we had to leave and we got divorced,” said Basil.

According to the journalist, he met with Natalia at work. The girl long ignored courtship Utkina, but soon gave up. “I was repulsed, and for a long time. She loves tulips and immediately said: I do not need to give flowers, I love tulips. And then was the belief that the tulips are only in the spring. I lived on Patrick, was close to the flower shop where I met the management. I knew once a week from Holland comes the party. I began to order, and once a week I brought tulips, including those that nobody here has ever seen, with bumps with teeth. Among other things, she was in love with a good friend of mine, with whom I then for the whole year spoiled relations”, – said Vasily.

Utkin said that soon the relationship began to crumble. In his opinion, the mutual claims led to the breakup. But the journalist tried several times to return to his beloved.

“I have a lot of friends, friends of friends – I think this is your greatest capital. I have a friend Dima Ivanov, who has a restaurant “Gorki”. The guys from “the Quartet And” very friendly with a group of “Agatha Christie”. And she was very fond of group “Agatha Christie”. I removed the “Gorki” restaurant – I paid for it for little money – it was a Monday, but paid. And the Samoilov brothers I did not take the money. I talked to the elders, he said, “What money? A man needs to help,” said Utkin.

After the surprise beloved are reunited, but soon parted. Natalie met another man. Her lover was a famous football player of CSKA Sergey Ignashevich, a model married him. Utkin hard experienced a breakup, because he kept commenting on the games in which played Ignashevich. Heartache showman stuck.

“Sweet I barely eat. If I still ate sweets, I would have already burst. I’m just one of those who’s a stress eater. Well and booze of course, for some time,” said the commentator.

Today, Utkin admits that he used to live one more to fall in love and start a family he does not want. “Not everyone is so lucky with his wife. Not only it can discipline. Myself, for example. In a situation when I lost my job, my habits any normal person would be drunk. To me this did not happen. I sit now and finish my last glass of beer – it is possible that last throughout the next half of the year. And exclusively for the company – so I will be a very intense year,” – said Utkin in an interview Sports.ru.