В Саратовской консерватории сорвали концерт памяти Михаила Круга The rector said that the show of this genre can not pass in their building. According to Alexander Senorina, initially, the leadership of the Conservatory was not aware of what artists will be performing.
В Саратовской консерватории сорвали концерт памяти Михаила Круга

Last year marked 15 years since the death of the famous artist chanson Michael Krug. However, his fans still look forward to any interventions, during which fellow artists are singing his popular hits. So, some time ago, Saratov was decorated with posters announcing the memorial evening of the Circle “Circle of friends”. He had to go to the local Conservatory named after Sobinov. However, because of the rules of the University speech was disrupted.

Rector Alexander Zadorin explained that the organizers signed with the Conservatory of the lease of the Big hall, but have not said anything about the upcoming event.

“As soon as the program was refined, carried out its analysis, the leadership Conservatory decided not to hold a concert, because it does not meet the criteria of the concert activities of the University. We – classic the University, our halls of performed classical music. The variety of genres we perform. We have certain criteria of concert activity, the exception we do only for jazz, but jazz has become, in fact, classical music. The agreement on these grounds will be terminated,” said the University.

According to Zasorina, despite the fact that they rent room for rent, employees of courts entitled to review the repertoire. As has been said in the Conservatory, the concert of the Philharmonic society of Saratov. It is assumed that a recital in memory of Michael Circle will take place on February 11. It will involve Inna nagovicyna, Leonid Teleshev, Igor Slutsky and Yuri Kuznetsov taiga. However, on the website of cultural organizations while information about the performance artists there.

According to news Agency “Sight-info” Olga Medvedeva, the sister of the actor will remember his career. The circle was considered the “king of Russian chanson”. For the entire short life, he wrote many hits that are still sung by his fans. Michael was killed in July 2002 at his country house. There were several theories as to why criminals broke into the home of the artist. Some believed that it was a planned robbery, because the attackers knew about the fee of the singer. Others considered the incident a contract killing.