Parents of Jeanne Friske lost in the struggle with the “Rusfond”

Родители Жанны Фриске проиграли в борьбе с «Русфондом» Relatives of the actress continue to reject claims in his address. On Thursday in the Moscow city court held a hearing on the complaint of Vladimir Borisovich and Olga Vladimirovna. Close Zhanna Friske insist that its contract with the charitable organization may be invalid.
Родители Жанны Фриске проиграли в борьбе с «Русфондом»

Today in Moscow city court considered the appeal of the parents of Jeanne Friske on a decision on the claim “Rusfond” on the return in the amount of 21.6 million rubles. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga, rejected claims of misuse of funds and demanded to cancel this decision. Earlier, the relatives of the singer have not provided the documents testifying that the money went to her treatment.

Representatives of the civil husband of actress Dmitry Shepelev was not present at the meeting. Lawyers for the relatives of Jeanne Friske has insisted on the examination of the authenticity of her signature. In addition, they presented a lawsuit on the invalidity of the agreement with the charitable organization.

“Representatives “Rusfond” claim that Jeanne signed a contract with them supposedly in October 2014, but even then, she didn’t see anything and I felt very bad. They gave the court a power of attorney signed by his daughter. We gave this document to the examination, during which it became clear that the signature is fake!” – said Vladimir Friske “StarHit”.
Родители Жанны Фриске проиграли в борьбе с «Русфондом»

Close to the famous singer also need to question witnesses, the Chairman of the “Rusfond” Leo Ambinder and other members of the organization as well as employees of the Bank where the contract was made. In addition, they consider necessary to carry out billing phone actress and to perform its communications. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga declare that you need to establish where their daughter was 19 October 2014 – on the day when the agreement was concluded.

However, today rejected the appeal of the parents of Jeanne Friske. Thus, the previous decision of Perovsky court from 19 may to recover from her relatives, including little Plato, million collected by the viewers and the “Rusfond”, entered into force.

Earlier Dmitry Shepelev, the official representative of the heir of the artist, said that does not agree with the decision of Perovsky court. According to the man, he hasn’t removed the funds from the accounts of Jeanne Friske, because they do not have access to them. The host expressed joy that he was not convicted of misuse of funds collected for treatment of his common-law wife. However, Dmitry, being a parent of a small Plato, was dissatisfied with the decision on collecting from the child million. Driver Zhanna Friske: “Shepelev called her parents fools”

“I understand how this case is important to the charity movement in Russia and is pleased that the reputation of the charity Fund “Rusfond” restored. But paternal I resent. (…) I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me in this situation is the welfare and peace of my son and, of course, will appeal the court’s decision,” said the presenter.