“The dancing millionaire” was on the verge of bankruptcy

«Танцующий миллионер» оказался на грани банкротства Journalists reported about the financial problems the Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacca of. The man took credit for a large sum of money and was not able to give. As a result, the court confiscated part of the property of the businessman, including yachts and promotions.

Foreign journalists have reported that an Italian court seized part of the property is a 50-year-old entrepreneur Gianluca of Vacca, who became a star of social media after the dance on Instagram.

The government’s decision is due to the fact that the businessman has not repaid the loan amounting to 10.5 million euros in the Bank Banco BPM. Therefore, villas, yachts, stocks, and even Golf club men was confiscated.

The news about the plight of Vacca provoked condemnation from the Italian Internet users. It is no secret that the home Gianluca many are openly criticizing, considering that the fabulous wealth of men is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Therefore, countrymen of the businessman have already begun to joke about his financial problems. So, they suggest the businessman to change jobs and engage in more low-paid jobs.

At the same time, the local tabloids analyze the recent posts of Vacca in Instagram, considering that the man seems deliberately not shared with the subscribers of the real state of things. In press notes, the authors Express dissatisfaction too, in their opinion, cheerful and carefree publications of the entrepreneur.

Informed of Gianluca Vacca was suspected that he broke up with his girlfriend Georgia Gabriele after four years of relationship. Fans of the businessman drew attention to the fact that pairs of profiles in social networks disappeared photos together.

Apparently, now the star’s Instagram is Dating 23-year-old Vice-miss universe 2015 Ariadna gutiérrez. Gianluca does not hide her feelings for the hottie, and spends a lot of time. Striking brunette became one of the party of Wakka, on the occasion of the anniversary. In early August, the man gathered his friends at the club, located in the town of Pietrasanta in Northern Italy. Friends of the businessman enjoyed his DJ set, took pictures and congratulated the birthday boy. The event ended with a lively dance.

Recall that the main income of the Gianluca Vacca brings the family business, manufacturing equipment for packing, cosmetics, food and equipment for the processing of pharmaceuticals. According to some reports, the company headed by himself “the dancing millionaire”, and his great-cousin Alberto. In addition, Vacca holds shares in a computer company and watch brand and fashion brand.