Olga Tomycine getting ready for school

Ольга Тумайкина готовится к школе
The youngest daughter of actress Maroussia is in second grade.

Olga Tomycine with her daughter Marusya

Photo: Instagram

Olga Tomycine returned from vacation, which
spent with her younger daughter — eight-year-old man on the sea. Now
the actress, like many other parents, preparing for school. Girl goes in the second

“Time is very fast, and the first of September is not
beyond the mountains, — says the actress. — I have a feeling different: an older, long time
the student goes to the third year of the Institute, and the youngest is in second grade! We
with her daughter, a second grade, after returning from a “Beautiful country”, as sung by Zhanna Aguzarova, in Moscow store bought summer shoes and flowing dresses… Plans
— buy blouses and skirts for school — remained in the plans… Who? What? Where to buy? And
bows for long hair, including! We’re spending a fortune. We have
still a dance school… And there antichnye laws!”

By the way, before
how to go to the sea star closed the summer season. Tomycine is very
passionate about Hobbies and gardening business and just couldn’t leave
not the harvest. The actress says that her family does not
imagine life without fruits and vegetables grown Olga personally.

“A good old — fashioned way- from his garden
to ensure the sustenance of the family, — says the actress. — Well, when you have a job.
It will provide the construction of greenhouses, the greenhouse will grow tomatoes. Potatoes, as
kids will grow itself. Strawberries are now dying without the sun. For her, too
the greenhouse… in Short, work. And even when you’re not working, do
everything that the family did not need anything! Especially in the greenhouse! (smiles). Olga
also shared with fans a video where the girl cools home fries and going to eat pickles — the latest in
this holiday season.