Paralyzed star “battle of the psychics” Daria Sadohina: “I die slowly”

Парализованная звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Дарья Задохина: «Я потихоньку умираю» In mass media there was information that ex-the participant of the project received serious leg injuries due to the carelessness of the nurse. Some time ago Daria Sadohina hired a young man to help her. “StarHit” learned from Sadohina how she feels.
Парализованная звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Дарья Задохина: «Я потихоньку умираю»

Daria Sadohina said “StarHit” about how there was her life after the show “Battle of psychics.” The girl confessed that he felt the approach of imminent death.

Recall Sadohina got in a terrible accident ten years ago. After the accident, the girl is confined to a wheelchair. During this time Daria tried to recover, but the accident ruined her life.

“A lot of different information appears. I assume that it’s fiction people who are interested, apparently, to procrastinate my life. Initially a broken leg I got in may. When I fell off of a ramp, which is incorrectly set at the store. In October, the boy I hired to care, failed me, dropped it. And, given that the fractures were fresh, the bones haven’t fused. This gave an additional crack”, – said Daria “StarHit”.
Парализованная звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Дарья Задохина: «Я потихоньку умираю»

According to Daria, effort and money on rehab, she is no longer there. After injury shop around, ex-member sued for unfair business. Sadohina said that today can not visit the necessary procedure in medical facilities. According to the girl, she had almost recovered and began to walk after a terrible accident, but an accident at the supermarket has crossed years of work.

“I started to go, and this time they broke my legs. Thanks to this wonderful ramp. Given that the year I’m in the same position because the leg in plaster. I lost a lot, it is regression. All that I have gained ten years, greatly fallen back”, – said Daria.

After the fall Sadohina hired a young man who was helping her move. But the assistant was negligent in the health of girls.

“He was still with me. As a worker he was just disgusting. He didn’t even understand where he came from, what to do, even though he explained everything. And elementary dropped me,” said Sadohina.

From the family, Daria was only a mother-the pensioner. The girl complained to the Network about her often report false information.

“I have a broken leg, the feet, the concussion. Left eye blind, also soft tissue injuries of the cervical. Offset plate that I have, and there titanium. In my case, the treatment is very expensive. While trying to recover, just keep your psychological balance. Understand that, unfortunately, with the physics to handle I can not”, – told the ex-participant of “Battle of psychics”.