Natalia Shturm: “the Son is not shy about my scandalous glory”

Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы» The actress said about Frank photoshoots, relationships with children and conflict with the Eugene Life. Natalia Shturm used to revel in the attention of admirers, but she admits that now her heart is free. Novels the singer doesn’t have time, because it is experiencing a second youth and again incredibly popular.
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»

In the mid-90s, Natalia Storm was amazingly popular. Then her song “high School romance” sounded at all discos. Now the artist is famous not for its musical achievements, and thanks to the candid photo shoots, and scandalous statements.

Natalie loves attention and has long been not offended by criticism of ill-wishers. At 51, she looks almost half his age that keeps on stressing with the help of sexy outfits. “StarHit” decided to discuss with the star the most controversial moments of her colourful biography.

Natalia, now the fans only do is talk about your Nude photos. Why such images appear frequently in your microblog? It is a way to Express themselves or attract attention?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»You know, all my life I sang, wrote books, interviews have always been with an erotic romantic slant. I was on the covers of magazines in sexy outfits, and I was always called a sex-symbol of Russian show-business. So there is nothing new in Nude photos on Instagram. I always tried to show itself in all its glory. Just one day, the surrounding suddenly asked my age a certain bar, where all the same I do like are not eligible. I would say the artist has no age!—
Many of your Nude photos are very creative. Where do you seek inspiration for them? How to come up with another theme for a photo shoot?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»I’ve always loved to travel and be photographed. So the idea was born to create candid shots in each country, under the guise of the products or items associated with the culture of the place. In each new country I with something (ham, peppers, geranium, marzipan, salmon) show the erotic postcard of the country. There is humor and sarcasm, and banter. But it amuses me! I demonstrated the product on its own and in good physical shape. So travel is my inspiration.

But as your 13-year-old son Arseniy refers to this kind of photos? It does not bother scandalous popularity mom?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»Neither Arseny, nor the eldest daughter Lena, my pictures are not embarrassing. The fact that in our family that no one is discussing. There are topics much more global. Son, for example, wants to become a businessman, all his thoughts already busy with the Affairs of the school. The school occupies almost all his time. Besides, Arseniy has no Instagram, so most of the provocative pictures he never even saw.
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»
Despite the abundance of candid photo shoots, about your personal life little is known. Recently were some rumors that Natalia Shturm remarried. Tell us if you are now in your life the same man, and when can we expect the original wedding photo?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»I’m not going to get married, it’s hearsay. I fall in love easy, as they always represent an ideal, but not meet his, though burst. Although each of my former men someone so fit. And I find it funny. Because I know that a good life with this man will not live. But since most live. Suffer torture each other. I do not agree. The most important feeling in life is love. Without it, man becomes inferior. I love yet, so I fill the gap in your heart creative experiments. The most important thing is not to stand still.—
Your conflict with Eugene Wasp has recently become public knowledge. Do now the relationship with the singer, wondering whether his state of health?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»With a Wasp do not communicate and do not intend, as it is a swamp, addictive kind of people. I prefer sane friends. And I advise you to surround yourself with successful, active and creative personalities.
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»
Now again you are at the peak of popularity, largely due to demand in social networks. Today’s success was a surprise for you?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»No popularity I am not surprised. I lived with her all these years, but hampered due to various circumstances. My development as a creative person, very inhibited marriages. I have many years did not have enough freedom, I lived with caution. Now I live differently, not allowing anyone to spoil my mood and to subdue the will of their shortcomings. Let the Genie out of the bottle? Even so, I should not be dark and uncomfortable.—
Natalia, to your address often sounds like criticism. If you don’t hurt the harsh words of fans, and how do you manage to resist the wave of negativity?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»Yes, scold me often. Say I’m crazy, corrupting the youth, but such statements I have long been accustomed not pay attention. I do not hear and do not perceive such criticism. I’m a girl who gave birth to two children, cheerful, cheerful, explosive, temperamental, and will always be. It amuses me how seriously many refer to my provocative photos. People toil depression, aimlessness of existence, the Blues. Think of themselves and engage it, then there will be time for discussion of successful personalities.

With the success of social networks are clear. But what about creativity? When fans will hear new songs Natalia Shturm?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»I continue to study music, often live. Besides, writing books, traveling, photography. I am a very versatile person in terms of creativity, and always ready for new experiments. May I ever and a photo exhibition of their works organized. Why not?—
You are undoubtedly in excellent physical shape. How do you manage to maintain the image of one of the major sex-symbol of Russian show business for several decades?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»I am engaged in fitness for twenty years, I lead a healthy lifestyle, try to relax. Of course, the modern woman cannot do without cosmetic procedures. Still, the artist always needs to look perfect.

On various talk shows, You have repeatedly talked about the desire to increase the buttocks. Operation and remains in the plans or already assigned a specific date of the Transfiguration?
Наталья Штурм: «Сын не стесняется моей скандальной славы»Do buttocks have changed my mind. In the broadcast popular programs we have discussed, I gave logical arguments, enumerated the drawbacks of the procedure, so I decided to abandon the surgery. I’ll swing in the hall. It is safe, nice and very motivating.—
Tell us what dreams successful and popular Natalia Shturm?
Really want to see next to a generous, smart man, who would guess to look at me, and in the same direction with me. My dream is to tell someone “I love you”, but there is no such person. Therefore, stable only saying this to children. For me it’s kind of the Foundation of life, and for them the same routine and just words. But it is the only unconditional and genuine love. A mother’s love towards children.