Pugachev accused of plagiarism, the poet is trying to hush up the scandal

Обвинивший Пугачеву в плагиате поэт пытается замять громкий скандал Alexander Vulykh went back on their word. After the showdown with the Diva and the statements of the composer of the song “I fly”, the instigator of the conflict, ready to solve everything peacefully.
Обвинивший Пугачеву в плагиате поэт пытается замять громкий скандал

Premiere of a new song Alla Pugacheva, which took place on new year’s eve on the First channel, turned into a scandal. On January 1 the poet Alexander Vulykh said that the hit Diva “I flew” is very similar to the song written in collaboration with Igor Saruhanov “True love” 15 years ago. He was supported by colleagues – Yury Loza and Igor Saruhanov. But on the same day Pugacheva personally called Vulyha and said that the old song was heard for the first time only now. Alexander removed the angry post-charge of social networks, explained that after a conversation with the artist to inflate the conflict he changed his mind. But the story did not end there.

Alla Pugacheva has apologized for the scandal with plagiarism

The author became in three days the smash-hit track Oleg Vladi stood up for hypnotherapy and commented on the situation, which he called a planned attack on hypnotherapy.

“It has nothing to do with it. It was an original part to which the contractor is in principle not relevant. Therefore, claims the singer, in my opinion, ugly and unprofessional. I can say as to the spirit of what the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” in question, I first heard of January 1, 2018, when actually the whole story started. If need be, ready to confirm in any polygraphs and detectors. For me, this “discovery” was like a bolt from the blue,” said Vladi.

The song “I fly” for three days scored more than half a million views on YouTube and has entered the top 10 iTunes sales. It seemed that the scandal is over, but the passion never subsided.

Consequences of new year’s TV: the accusation of plagiarism, dissatisfaction with the part of the artists and the success of Pugacheva

Igor Saruhanov on his page in social networks continued to call for the answer “plagiatchikov”, Oleg Vladi said about their copyright and removed the video from public access, and the media began to write about some conspiracy against Alla Pugacheva.

On Christmas day Alexander Vulykh appealed to the people with a proposal already buried the hatchet and called the whole situation with curiosity.

“Friends, I’m certainly not the Dalai Lama and Kofi Annan, but I am also against any military action in civilian life. What I’m getting at is you might guess. Any conflict can be solved peacefully if people have the intelligence and good will. I believe all the participants are incredibly funny Christmas conflict with the song Alla Pugacheva reasonable and decent people. In our life can happen, strange coincidences, but in this case I don’t see malice. So it turned out. Coincided solos in two different songs literally note for note. All in shock from this situation! This does not happen, but it happened!” – wrote Vulich.

The poet added that while this story came to television, he proposes to discontinue unconstructive dispute between authors and to acknowledge the coincidence of music and then to stretch each other hands.