Paralyzed actor of the series “Thaw” got a new job

Парализованный актер сериала «Оттепель» получил новую работу “StarHit” learned as an artist is the restoration of the Wellness center, which plans and than it takes itself. Yevgeny Volotsky found a way to stay in the profession – now he is the voice of the film.

      Парализованный актер сериала «Оттепель» получил новую работу

      Today, October 13, on the screens out the film “Moscow, I tolerate you.” At the premiere screening of the picture in “Luxor Vegas” brought together all involved actors, in addition to Yevgeny Volotsky… 34-year-old artist is already a year paralyzed the lower part of the body. The accident happened on the theater tour in Israel. Eugene hit his head on the bottom while jumping into the water and broke his spine.

      The star of “the Thaw” Yevgeny Volotsky: “I need strength”

      “Jack confined to a wheelchair, says “StarHit” Victoria, Director of the charity Fund “Orthodoxy and the world”. – Is now undergoing outpatient treatment at the center “Overcoming”. To the doctors ‘ offices he is accompanied by his parents. To talk about such improvements as “up and go” yet. Money did not seem to need – donations still enough to pay all necessary”.
      Парализованный актер сериала «Оттепель» получил новую работу

      Volokolamsk visits the clinic three times a week. “Mandatory morning procedure – swimming pool, – says an employee of the center “Overcoming” Veronica. – He’s small, only 5 to 7 meters. Eugene deals with the individual instructor. The coach holds his arms in the water, so that he could balance. There are also special boards, which do not allow Eugenia to drown. The therapy increases blood flow to the muscles and restores physical memory”.

      The artist stretching my legs, working with him at the gym. Even Volotsky physical therapy. In addition to his Wife made up a course of exercises that he can perform independently at home.

      Парализованный актер сериала «Оттепель» получил новую работу

      Despite the condition, Yevgeny Volotsky is no slouch. Actor in any endeavor supports his girlfriend Anastasia Grigorieva. So, Jack learned to drive a car for disabled people and tried out new professions.

      “I was offered to dub the characters of American paintings at the “Mosfilm”, – says Yevgeny Volotsky. – My voice say the characters in the movie “Before I met you” and “TRUMBO”. By the way, the dubbing reminds me of the rehearsals in the theater. There are also role-playing, try to feel and reveal character.”

      Helps Velikomu the actor voicing Vsevolod Kuznetsov. “For a beginner Jack grasps everything quickly – recognized “StarHit” Vsevolod. – To record a voice-over took 2.5 hours. Jack didn’t complain, if it didn’t work the first time. In the recording Studio Eugene brought dad. However, the elevators of “Mosfilm” was less than Woman wheelchair. So I had to remove the wheels, and the guys brought Eugene in the hands of the stairs. By the way, specific young voice of Volokolamsk like the Directors of computer games. They want to offer him to voice the hero fantasy.”