Alexander Panayotov complained about the vanity of the Minister of the Church

Александр Панайотов пожаловался на тщеславие служителю церкви Participant of the show “the Voice” worried about his desire to be popular. Alexander thought seriously about why him being on stage. To answer this question, singer has studied some of the works of famous philosophers and even went to the temple.

      Participant of the show “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov always wanted to perform on stage and to be popular. Many years later, he returned to television, emaciated, full of strength and desire to win. However, in a recent conversation with a friend, the singer wondered why it should be so was once again surprise viewers with screens.

      “This is my calling, and God gave me this voice so he must have some idea on this score,” said Panayotov. The actor admitted that he loves the applause, recognition and praise. Hearing this, his friend recalled that all the above aspirations Panayotov can be called a manifestation of vanity, which is sin. According to Panayotov, he began to delve into the issue. So it sucked learning that the artist even began to doubt the faith in the profession.

      “And then one day I went to a temple where I, by chance, had a chance to talk on this subject to a single Abbot. I asked him a question, saying, “how?” And received the answer: “the Word “vanity” – the word “vain”, idle. Possessed by the passion of vanity always live a bitter life, devoid of any pleasure. They do not achieve national glory, and although, apparently, and use it, in fact, not enjoying, because it does not glory. Because itself this passion is not called glory, and vanity,” – said about his experience, Alexander.

      To fully understand the definition of “vanity”, the singer began to study the philosophical works of different authors. “Vanity, when it is excessive, in their own interests deprives people of pleasure from any activity. Thus, vanity inevitably leads to indifference and boredom. It is often the insecurity, as a means of getting rid of it — the growth of self-esteem. However, this latter can only be achieved by successful activity inspired by objective interests,” said Panayotov.

      The actor admitted that he decided to get out of the comfort zone to lose weight and go on “the Voice”, to “not be complacent “people’s artist” project, through which he is remembered by the fans in 2003. According to Panayotov, many tried to dissuade him to go in the popular show “the Voice”, explaining that he is a popular singer. However, the artist never listened to anyone, because I wanted to test myself. “Then sitting with friends in the ether. It was very interesting, I have not seen myself on the screen. The phone doesn’t stop still, and a lot of messages comes,” said Alexander. Alexander Panayotov: “Larisa Dolina wondered about my choice of a mentor”