Tatiana Totmianina and Alexei Yagudin fight over money

Татьяна Тотьмянина и Алексей Ягудин ругаются из-за денег The couple said the expensive gifts that they presented, can sometimes become the cause of family quarrels. According to figure skaters, Tatiana loves to give and receive gifts, while Alex does not suffer when the wife is spent on surprises for him.

      In February this year, the famous figure skaters Tatiana Totmianina and Alexei Yagudin went to the registry office to legalize their relationship. Despite the fact that by the time the couple lived together for several years, they decided to tie the knot. Famous athletes have not began to roll up a magnificent celebration, and was limited to just holiday in a narrow circle of people closest to you. Tatiana and Alexei are trying to avoid conflict in the family, but sometimes they have a misunderstanding because of money management. Yagudin even prefer to deprive themselves of certain pleasures in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

      “For Alex’s best gift – his absence. In this respect it is difficult. Make honey – get scandal in the family: why do I spend so much money… every time they Have to seek a middle ground,” said Tatiana.

      Alex, in turn, recognizes that it is more important than the attention of loved ones, a costly gift it to anything.

      “I was embarrassed. Don’t want people to worry about. Here just to meet, talk, socialize willingly. I basically don’t need anything, I have everything. Here Tanya, on the contrary, he loves to get and give,” – said Yagudin.

      Also Yagudin and Totmianina admitted that at the dawn of joint life they could not avoid quarrels and conflicts. Alex remembered that sometimes a misunderstanding was brought to the fact that they split up for some time. However, they always found the right words to restore peace in your home. Tatiana Totmianina “Now we live by the rules”

      “We initially had a time of adjustment. Everyone has ambitions. I’m a skater, all used to doing. Tanya is also a strong man, with character. The reasons for the quarrel was not special. But I left, not once. Clearly, when you go to someone, and I just left. Nowhere. Probably, my problems arose because of the fear to cease to be a single. In sports, everything is clearer. You are prepared, then the tournament may lose or win, but the schedule is clear. And then the uncertainty. Besides Tanya really wanted a baby. And I wasn’t prepared for it, not knowing what lies ahead. Was afraid of that. And then she was gone,” – said Yagudin in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.