Panin publicly quarreled with Kostyushkin

Панин публично поссорился с Костюшкиным Men came into conflict over musical composition. Stas Kostyushkin unhappy that the man makes a video for a song presented to them. The controversial actor hopes that the visuals will appeal to the artist, and they will be able to find a common language.

Stas Kostyushkin and Alexey Panin friends for the first year. Recently, the musician shot the actor in a leading role in one of his videos. The singer has always defended the man, who has been at the epicenter of scandals.

Now men are in a quarrel over musical composition. According to Panin, his friend gave him a song, but somehow offended due to the fact that Alex decided to make a video for it.

“It is not necessary to this clip too seriously. It’s just a joke. Banter! It will be kind of a skit. By the end of the week, my video for the song Stas Kostushkin “Facts” will be ready”, – said Alexey.

The actor decided to make a video truly scandalous, therefore, invited for the lead role actress, known for the films for an adult audience. According to fans, Stas angered it is the presence of a girl with a dubious reputation in the video on its composition.

Kostyushkin decided to clarify the situation and replied to the attacks of man. He noted that not upset Panin and just hoped that he get something decent.

“Alex, I don’t care what you shoot. Quite possibly, the Czechs were right, and still got it. I hope this clip will turn out something decent,” said Kostyushkin.

Earlier, the singer have already told about the conflict with Panin. He stressed that recorded the song “the Facts” a year and a half ago. Alex liked the song, and he wanted to do it himself. “He tried to sing, nothing happened, we broke up. Now I know that Alex took a porn star and shoots video… Very Lesha I can not get through, to obtain from him any comments too, of course. I can only say that I do not have any relation to this nonsense,” said Kostyushkin.

Alexey Panin not intend to refuse the release of the video. He was confident that the clip would cause a furore and will appeal to his fans. The actor has repeatedly posted footage from the set, which were sealed with the performer of the title role of Eva Berger.

Fans of Stas Kostushkin supported its neutral position. However, they hope that men will be able to find common language and will continue to be friends.