Wedding escape: as Alicia Vikander could be the wife of Michael Fassbender

Свадебный побег: как Алисия Викандер смогла стать женой Майкла Фассбендера The actor and his fiancee combined bonds of marriage in Ibiza. About three years, the pair could not decide on such a serious step. Michael envied the success in the career lady, and it was difficult for her to accept his love for parties.
Свадебный побег: как Алисия Викандер смогла стать женой Майкла Фассбендера

Irish actor Michael Fassbender and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander returned from a trip to Ibiza with wedding rings. For celebration, the couple chose ecoresort Agroturismo Can Marti with natural water sources and solar panels. The Bridal table was served only food grown on Ibiza, including the hotel’s own farm.

The festival kicked off on 13 October on Board the yacht, continued a modest wedding the next day, and ended on 15 October with a Banquet, prolonged till six in the morning. Flying from the island in the new status, the 40-year-old Michael and 29-year-old Alicia looked like she was dressed, combed and shaved half asleep. Although forces in the happy smiles they left, they probably were happy that took all the issues that the affair has caused within three years.

Dancing with the stars

Michael first saw Alicia in 2014 on one of the parties of the Toronto international film festival. “Considered himself a good dancer until I saw, as does Alicia, – the actor recalled. – Then realized that both my legs are left”. In the autumn of the same year, they met in Australia filming “the Light between oceans”, where he played spouses. Michael asked a partner – a former ballerina – to pull it into choreography. “It was a cold, says Alicia. We danced in the mornings to warm up”.

At first, the audience took the relations of the actors for PR. Michael said that he needed a passionate woman-fire. He always gave a clear preference for dark-skinned beauties: the list of ex-girlfriends of the actor in the row are Nicole Behari, Zoe Kravitz, Naomi Campbell…

As a native of Scandinavia a frantic temperament are not known for, it was hard to imagine that he suddenly sunk into the soul of demure Alicia, which for the most part combines the photo looked like a dying Swan. “It is quite different,’ said Fassbender. – The indomitable and fearless”.

After the film, the novel, surprisingly, has not ended. Then journalists began to bet how much the lovers will be together, because the longest relationship in the asset Michael lasted about a year…

Свадебный побег: как Алисия Викандер смогла стать женой Майкла Фассбендера

Step forward, two steps back

If you believe the tabloids, the first storm in heaven thundered through nine months. In may 2015, Michael and Alicia went to the race “Formula 1” in Monaco, after which did not appear in public before the Aug. Rumor had it that a severe heir of the Vikings tired of the frivolous lifestyle of the Irish.

“Alicia knew that Michael likes to have fun, but I couldn’t imagine how – shared sources. Out shooting around the clock he’s ready to go party”.

However, in October, Alicia came to support Michael at the premiere of “Steve jobs”. “Fassbender explosive nature, they argued constantly, -has told friends of the couple. – Alicia was able to smooth the conflict, but she didn’t want to spend the time and nerves. After parting Michael changed his mind and did everything to get her back”.

New 2016 lovers met together in palm springs. “We have fried meat on the grill, cooked the pasta and sat down with all of this in the yard to watch the fireworks, said Vikander. Aloud was counting the seconds to midnight, and with the first stroke of the clock kissed each other”.

In September Michael and Alicia finally get together were on the red carpet at the Venice film festival, and two weeks later, the tabloid wrote that this is their farewell tour as a couple. Supposedly Michael, all year Alicia is the only person shown to her “Oscar” and could not overcome wounded pride. Even so, by October, the pride threw the white flag.

In June 2017, Michael began to consider the next step.

“He realized that he was unlikely to find a woman that would fit better, – has told friends. – Their relationship has always been a strong element of career competition, but now more excitement than jealousy. Alicia never makes fun of Michael’s failures, doesn’t boast about their success”.

Later they went travelling through the romantic places. Started in Paris, then visited Venice, and after relaxed on Board a yacht off the coast of Ibiza. After three years of fruitless hunting, the paparazzi were finally able to offer the magazines the pictures, which the bride and groom kiss, hug and look at each other with tenderness. Now it is clear that Michael and Alicia are not just riding through Europe, and chose a place where they will be pronounced husband and wife.